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Wings of Fire
Pradeep Shankar
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Chandrayaan, India's first unmanned mission to moon is indeed a pride that we will cherish for long. It signifies that nothing holds us back as a country when it comes to sailing into uncharted waters.

Each one of us has the potential to make it big in life. Then why is that we do not produce a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Just having the 'potential' is not worth it if we do not take necessary risks. In some sense, we use the word loosely to cover our 'inabilities'. What one needs is not the potential but the actual guts or fire in the belly.

In this issue, we bring you the real life story of two brothers who made it to the top tech echelons despite all odds. There is something in their inspiring story that everybody can draw a lesson from.

The story is more relevant, especially at a time when the global economy is down. In such a situation, there is more reason for each one of us to better be hungry. It is said that a hungry dog hunts better. The situation will be easier for people who are smarter. It will be easier for individuals who have got real hunger. As it is said, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. People who are there by accident will leave, or will have to leave. Not many can take the heat.

What differentiates great people from the not so great is the sheer willingness to do whatever it takes. For that, one needs conviction or an immovable faith just as these two brothers have demonstrated in real life.

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