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Changing Times!
Harvi Sachar
Monday, November 3, 2008
Change is supposed to be a companion of entrepreneurs, be it in technology, consumer trends, way of doing business, or economic realities. Successful entrepreneurs look at newly emerging realities as opportunities, and build their businesses using them as tools providing new advantages for their businesses. With the unraveling of credit economy, start of negative growth in GDP, companies announcing layoffs by thousands each day, and consumer sentiments hitting the lows never seen before, we are in the midst of the biggest change in decades in the U.S. business environment. We are also in the midst of the biggest change we have witnessed yet in our lives in the political and social environment in the U.S. Whether he wins or loses, the inspirational campaign of Barack Obama is going to create a long lasting change in the social landscape for generations to come. He has inspired millions of normal people to try to do better by his reverberating campaign chant ‘yes we can’, which oozes with enthusiasm and optimism.

In these times of change, we bring to you our si100 issue wherein corporate leaders, VCs, entrepreneurs, analysts, and our editorial staff come together to select and showcase the top 100 Indian-founded and managed technology companies in the U.S. This si100 list is the 11th in the annual series; and in its new avatar we have only considered selected top ranking private companies from each sector - software, semiconductors, IT services, wireless, networking, internet, mobile and outsourced product companies/ engineering services.

We salute each and every one of these entrepreneurs for their leadership, and particularly for their unrelenting dedication in building their companies. We interviewed more than 300 companies for this issue and each and every entrepreneur showed the utmost passion for building lasting enterprises and exuded confidence that they will succeed in tackling the current economic conditions. We congratulate the 100 finalists for achieving this vote of respect from industry leaders and wish each and every one of them a great future in line with Infosys or Google.

Harvi Sachar

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