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February - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Security Solution Provider
The 20 Most Promising Security Solution Providers
SI Team
Thursday, February 5, 2015
The security sector continues to disrupt the constantly evolving U.S. technology landscape. Counted among the most vibrant upcoming
industries, the domain enjoys appreciable government-aid fuelling its rapid growth. Making security technologies highly
desirable are the constant changes taking place throughout the sector, which enhances the potential for innovation at all levels. As
the risk of threat continues to increase, the industry observes more advanced technologies being implemented which bypass the existing
ones. Thriving on this trend, the sector remains confident of stability in terms of investment from all directions.

Expenditure on IT security is estimated to grow tenfold in the imminent years. According to recent surveys, several organizations have
realized that they have under spent on IT security infrastructure and are all-set to rectify the situation. Experts all across the globe are today involved in the task of figuring out the knowledge to route around surveillance. These trends justify all the recent excitement about security and it is without doubt, the ideal time to take a look at the top companies making a big impact on the sector.
Realizing this, siliconindia brings to you a comprehensive list of the 20 Most Promising Security Solution providers managed or founded
by Indians in the U.S. In our selection, we took into consideration their potential to analyze and leverage the promising trends in the
industry. These companies have showed an exceptional capability to outperform their competitors in the field of innovation. The list is
compiled by VPs, CEOs, CIOs, and siliconindia editorial board.

We hope that this listing would help you locate companies providing high tech solutions that eventually drive business value.
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