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ParaBlu Silver Lining in Dark Clouds
SI Team
Thursday, February 5, 2015
It wasn't long ago when the firms and leaders across the world were amazed with the amenities of cloud technology, but today cloud is in the news for a different reasons - the over growing security challenges associated with its adoption. However, it is an undisputable fact that cloud is here to stay. Organizations want to use it, either for convenience or for cost savings. But till the issues related to data privacy and security are not vandalized, the viability of cloud will remain under shadow. Whether it is about procuring service from private, public, or hybrid vendors, organizations need to find 'end-user focused' solutions that are easy to use and maintain, promises a long-term cost of ownership, and, most importantly, rectify every security challenges pertaining to cloud adoption. The hunt ends at the doorway of Burlingame, CA based ParaBlu Systems, which is acclaimed for allowing enterprises to take their business to the cloud without sacrificing security, privacy or control of their data.
ParaBlu is uniquely positioned in the industry as it provides one-of-its-kind hardware and cloud agnostic solution for securing corporate assets. The core offering of the company is BluKrypt, the industry's first Privacy Gateway. BluKrypt is bestowed with the intelligence to blend multiple corporate policies, granular access levels, and integrate different cloud infrastructures, in addition with content-indexing, hierarchical storage management and compression. BluKrypt can integrate multiple cloud infrastructures (Azure, Amazon, Google, Local infrastructure vendors, corporate datacenter) and expose a unified storage for enterprises. With the implementation of BluKrypt and other tools proffered by ParaBlu, the clients are promised a smooth file migration (Movement from On-premise to cloud storage), Enterprise File Synchronization and Share, and End point Backup of files and data. Backing and syncing service are conferred by BluSync and BluVault tools that work with all popular cloud storage providers seamlessly. BluSync can be hosted on-premise or can work with BluKrypt to keep the data on a cloud infrastructure without losing control. BluVault on the other hand takes care of storing the data with its endpoint backup and management solution, having primary focus on administrative control, security and network bandwidth optimization.
Despite the mission of mitigating the risk of data loss, ParaBlu was also founded to enable the firms to control the data flow, occurring within their walls. The traditional EFSS solutions used to demand large amount of storage to secure and control the data employees were sharing. Multiple systems like DRM/DLP/IRM/MDM were all being integrated to try and solve it. But from an employee's perspective, the fundamental problem of when and where to store the data, and how to protect and manage access, were not being done. BluKrypt filled this void, for the betterment of businesses and total cost of ownership. "Our product's DNA is built around offering privacy and security,"says Kameswaran Subramanian, Founder of ParaBlu. "Our priority has always been to look into our customer's pain-points and their needs. It impacts the way we think and act," he adds.
Life history of ParaBlu is filled with the stories of client's success. For instance, there was a large global IT company that was migrated to Office 365 and as part of the migration, Microsoft proffered them 1TB of storage free per user. Even though, the storage helped them to consolidate most of their storage requirements, there were severe security, policy and compliances challenges. ParaBlu solved this by providing end to end solutions. BluVault replaced their existing endpoint backup solutions with their unified tool that wrote their data to BluKrypt. The latter delivered multiple privacy gateways based on geo-location on corporate network perimeter thereby ensuring the data security.

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