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The Neo-Security Model
Pradeep Shankar
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Every day there are new reports of highly organized cyber-attacks. A staggering number of organizations revealed breaches of their
networks last year. Hackers are continuously evolving their recon, mapping and exploitation efforts to gain access to back
end servers that applications connect to while bypassing the traditional security perimeter of firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems.

Several analyst studies indicate that attack volumes will continue to rise. More proactive protection is needed to address the cyber security time bomb. The rise in use of sophisticated malware is driving the need for better and more proactive security.
In 2015, the top concern for organizations will be cyber security and threat mitigation. Protection from cyber threat has been the utmost concern for years, but several interrelated trends beyond recent well-publicized attacks will make it even more important this year.

Major trends in enterprise computing, such as the cloud, social media and "bring your own device" are forcing radical changes in information security infrastructure of enterprises. The dynamic nature of the threat landscape coupled with information explosion in the enterprise, are putting enormous pressure on enterprise IT professionals.

Enterprises have come to realize that their existing potpourri of point tools is no match for the sophisticated threat landscape or new IT initiatives like cloud and mobile computing. Traditional corporate approaches to security will have to change. Security policies tied to physical attributes and devices are becoming redundant and businesses must learn to accommodate new demands (social, mobile, cloud) being made on IT while also maintaining more traditional security controls.

While the challenge can be daunting, there are plethora of security solutions and providers in the marketplace to address the new paradigm. Our editorial team evaluated several of these companies to present you the 20 most promising security solution providers. We believe this information will help you, while you get prepared for radical changes in information security
infrastructure of your organization.

Please let us know your thoughts on how enterprise security infrastructure will change in the coming years,
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