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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile
TeleDNA Platform Play for the Mobile Messaging and Content Services Tsunami
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
When TeleDNA’s CEO Praveen Nallapothula says “We are the DNA for next generation mobile networks,” he means it. Founded in 2001, TeleDNA is getting into the league of providing mobile VAS platforms to tier 1 customers like T-Mobile, AT&T after successfully providing high performance platforms in India for tier 1 complex network operators like BSNL, Aircel, Uninor and Vodafone.

With lower tariffs and increasing adoption of mobile messaging and content, there has been an increasing burden on mobile networks from the explosion in data usage. “Today’s mobile operators need better platforms to manage their growing messaging and content traffic,” says Nallapothula. TeleDNA’s platforms are built to exactly do that.

A supplier of technology enabling messaging and content services, TeleDNA has over 45 installations globally, including highly complex Tier 1 network environments. Its VAS infrastructure products like SMSC, MMSC, CBC and SDP along with a bundled Innovative VAS Application Platform (mZone) ensure substantial savings on the operational cost for the operators. TeleDNA also provides Managed Services to enhance VAS revenues for operators at no CAPEX and OPEX thereby increasing the bottom line revenue for operators.

To be successful in the VAS space, Nallapothula believes that keeping an eye on the trends in the marketplace is a must. Take for instance, the U.S. Federal Government’s regulation making it mandatory for network operators in the U.S. to deploy cell broadcast-based services (CBS) as it is convenient to broadcast public messages at times of calamity or emergency. Business managers at wireless operators did not think they could generate a profit with a one-directional, subscription-less broadcast service. Nallapothula is now actively engaged in dialogue with several operators in the U.S. for deployment of TeleDNA’s CBS platform.

Having worked in Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group for more than a decade before founding TeleDNA, Nallapothula can definitely understand his customers’ environment, which makes it easy for him to beat the competition.
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