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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services
Metabyte Winning By Hiring The Best
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Metabyte is in the Si100 list for the fourth consecutive year, which indicates company’s strength to address market needs. An IT services provider for the Fortune 500 companies and mid-market enterprises around the globe, the privately held company provides a seamless blend of product development, consulting, outsourcing and staffing services. “We have always been defined by our ability to attract top talent by providing unmatched career options,” says proud Manu Mehta, CEO, Metabyte.

In a down market, Metabyte grew and expanded operations this year to include United Kingdom and Taiwan. The company has over 17 million users daily relying on its software and services for work or entertainment. The company’s liking for top talent came into being when they helped client AMD to beat Intel in performance and have a successful entry into the microprocessor business in the mid 1990’s. That Metabyte division was later branded as Wicked3D – a PC gaming business.

Here, an employee can build a new focus area for IT services and run his/her own Micro Business Unit. A recent example – Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) solutions. Employees can also ask for funding for a new product or service idea.

The company has created an internal private equity fund called Metabyte Ventures to finance the inventions of its employees. An employee invention turned into Metabyte’s MbTV subsidiary in 2000, which received $20 million in investments from corporate partners and provided digital video recorder (DVR) technology to the US cable TV industry. Metabyte is credited for inventing the DVR before TiVo and is recognized as the “unbranded” leader. A recent employee invention was launched as a web service called HotDoodle.com which enables small businesses to get powerful websites easily – the 21st century way. One can build their website themselves or get help from HotDoodle’s marketplace of web savvy people, whom HotDoodle calls PenPals, or do a bit of both. Loaded with powerful features and with a rapidly growing list of users around the world, HotDoodle is enabling a grass root level work force to meet the massive demand for building, maintaining and enhancing websites.

“The immense job satisfaction and career opportunities within Metabyte or at Metabyte clients are what, keep bringing top talent to us. Our philosophy of investing in the ideas of our employees and seeking to turn their innovations into game changing products or services have paid huge dividends,” says Mehta. Congratulations! Metabyte.
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