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Remedies for Indian IT firms to improvise International Business
SI Team
Monday, October 1, 2012
For years, Indian IT industry has been constantly facing challenges from all parts of the tech platform, including labor and delivery operating costs. When compared to foreign firms, Indian companies clearly lose the race, because of their poor performance and deprived support. But what analysts clearly hint is that the country’s IT sector need not mislay their focus, as there are more roles across the tech world that they can capitalize upon. What they advice is that Indian firms need to focus more on software and its associated services and also need to take advantage of the latest trends in customer behavior and innovate themselves to stay competitive.

Recently it has been reported that top Indian IT companies still embrace low profiled divisions of the IT world like, application development, maintenance and remote infrastructural management, for the past 10 years.

Analysts clearly state that this kind of behavior is what resulted in poor performance from the Indian companies in the past years. Local IT corporations’ find it pretty difficult to cope up the current and constant revolving trends in the tech market. Better focus and better understanding is the only way for them to improve.
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