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October - 2012 - issue > 10 Most Promising BPO Companies-2012
SI Team
Tuesday, October 2, 2012
MphasiS is a $1 billion IT service provider, delivering technology based solutions to clients across the globe. The company provides end-to-end BPO services, high quality, value-added voice and transaction-based services to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. By coupling its BPO services and in-depth industry specific knowledge, MphasiS provides business focused solutions tailored to its clients strategic goals.

The services offerings across various industries and domain specific talent to suit the industry environment enhance the value of the clients’ proposition as well as their profitability. The company has uniquely positioned to offer its clients the highest level of expertise and competitive costs.

Key Persons: Ganesh Ayyar, CEO

Founded: 2000

No of Employees: Over 37,000 employees

Offices: The U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, and Australia. In India, it has offices located in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mangalore, Indore, Mumbai, Puducherry, Raipur, Vadodara, and Bhubaneshwar

Website: www.mphasis.com

Product/ Service Offerings

It provides Applications services, Infrastructure services, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to its international clients in Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, Manufacturing, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics, Retail and Consumer Packaged goods, Energy and Utilities, and to Governments around the world. Customer Sales and Support: Helps the clients build stronger relationships with their customers, leveraging multiple channels in a seamless manner.

Technical Support Services: Provide customized solutions for off-the-shelf office applications, enterprise applications and integrated systems.

Financial and Accounting: Manage accounting processes and ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and company rules and policies.

Supply and Chain Management: Provide a wide range of supply chain capabilities inclusive of new product strategy, design development, material management, procurement support, manufacturing and execution, logistics distribution and customer service post sales.

Content Management: Structure, clean, integrate, aggregate and improve access to enterprise data and information.

Human Resource Outsourcing: Enable employees and managers to access, update and use HR information more efficiently and effectively.

The MphasiS advantage adds an extra value to the efforts that it puts to serve its clients. The value added outsourcing of the company includes:

Scalable BPO: The company has impressive execution capabilities in selected processes and provides highly customized, scalable BPO offerings to meet the requirements of the client.

Process Integration and Automation: Analyzing the business process and automating them through technology helps the clients to best utilize the MphasiS advantage.

Differentiating factor

MphasiS journey towards hyper- specialization is a distinct factor which helps to enhance the quality of revenue. It continues to ensure quality of service and focuses its attention to maximize the value of every product and service offered to the client. Supporting customers in their growth and expansion, providing solutions in several market segments and being able to adapt and optimize processes and responding to real time needs has outstandingly positioned the company globally.

Road map ahead

• To provide specialized services in key verticals
• Increasing customer satisfaction levels
• Maintaining operational excellence.
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