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Pervacio Delivering Robust Applications to Service Mobilty
SI Team
Sunday, December 8, 2013
With the rapid expansion of mobile phones and handheld devices in and out of the workplace, it is clear that organizations need a simple way to manage them. Such firms opting for solution providers usually look for companies that are of the right size with extensive delivery capabilities - big enough to address market needs, small enough to care.

This need is catered to by Pervacio, a provider of mobile device management and platform solutions. It was founded in 2004 to solve the issues of a mobile enterprise with a tightly knit team. It does this by allowing manufacturers, carriers and enterprises to reduce cost and increase efficiency in order to benefit from and sail with the trend of mobility. "23 percent of the devices bought are returned every year and the critical cost of the carrier is about a billion dollars each year. We are helping reduce the cost by hundreds of millions of dollars for carriers and OEMs by automating the processing of delivering devices," says Kanodia.

The company's products are engineered to be able to operate independently of each other and enterprises can use them individually or combine them into device management suites to meet the specific needs of an organization.

The device management platform and solutions provider has a portfolio of 13 products and exclusive solution suites for carriers, manufacturers and enterprises. The company has developed a complete range of robust applications that provide seamless end-to-end management capabilities from a single interface for every mobile device irrespective of the network type, device type, operating platform, or where the device is in the usage lifecycle. Their products are delivered on a SaaS model via the Internet through the Revolution Device Management Platform which is designed for seamless enterprise integration. The products and solution suites allow their clients to be able to be safe while saving up on their process with seamless integrations for different solutions. The company's solutions currently supports over 1,000 devices on some of the most advanced mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and many other on-demand makes.

The company also invests heavily on developing the latest architecture in software and design to match the demands of an ever growing industry.

Moving towards a Glorious Future

The company today services some of the biggest names in the market like T-Mobile, Samsung, Unipart in UK, and Bestbuy to name a few. The name Pervacio is well established in the North American and UK regions and is gradually spreading to Germany, Japan, Australia and India. With their global presence established the CEO revealed, "We are an exciting company and we are planning for an IPO in 2016," to assert their growth in the industry. Pervacio has become an unchallenged name in the mobility and device management solutions.
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