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Ciphergraph Discarding the Security Concerns from Cloud Usage
si Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
The cloud security industry is growing at a fast pace, a staggering 23 percent. The reason for this explosive growth is that cloud has helped a lot of businesses in smart decision making and in general freeing businesses from managing their own IT. Cloud is in every way more powerful and cost effective than legacy systems but needs a paradigm shift in planning and securing. California based, CipherGraph Networks provides users with the first thing required to deploy anything serious in the cloud, true security for data and apps, not just limited to access but also transit over unsecure internet on any kind of device, including phones/tablets.
CipherGraph, founded by Jitender Sharan, is a cloud powered service provider, allowing enterprises to securely use and adopt the cloud. It allows enterprises to enable their workforce to securely connect from anywhere to an organization's cloud deployment (like Amazon AWS, Windows Azure etc.). The company offers enterprise class security, compliant with corporate policy for secure and encrypted communication with strict control (Role Based Access Control), which allows a highly granular access policy based on user's corporate identity or group. CipherGraph's cloud powered "VPN as a Service" enables secure communication from all user devices, including phones and tablets. The communication is seamlessly encrypted without needing any change to the user's applications or work flow. The service is cloud hosted and hardware free.
CipherGraph CAG (Cloud Access Gateway) once deployed inside Cloud provides access to both Cloud and Datacenter to the end-users, wherever they might connect from. It allows the end-user, a secure access to hybrid deployments with applications deployed both on Cloud, and in the DataCenter, without being compelled to deploy dedicated infrastructure to connect the Cloud deployment with Datacenter.

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