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Openstream Making Devices 'Come Alive'
Sandeep Sen
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Context aware mobile applications have the potential to change our world. With multimodal technology the user can interact with their devices using their voice, gesture and other natural interaction capabilities. Coupled with context-awareness, it makes devices 'come alive' and be more responsive to the user. With this technology, users will no longer need to sift through their mails to locate the most important ones; their mobile devices can do that for them. Users need not switch profiles on their phone during meetings; their Smartphone will simply play appropriate message for the caller as they 'know users' preferences and schedules. With such applications, this technology will see high demand not only in the enterprises but also in the consumer mass.
There are over 3.3 Billion mobile phone users in the world and it is only a matter of time before the enterprise is on the move with full mobility for its employees. Foreseeing this shift in demand in the near future, Openstream built a unique mobile authoring platform which allows for the development of products for the future. With revolutionary solutions such as SMP-SmartBroker, SMP-Pharma, SMP-Smartcare to offer, the company has already taken a giant leap to reach the future.

Products Shaping Our Future
Cue-me™ Openstream’s flagship product, is a context-aware multimodal mobile platform that allows the developer to make applications capable of working across all mobile platforms without any tweaks or structural changes in the programming. With Cue-me platform, enterprises and developers can take advantage of simultaneous multimodality, through the convenience of speech, touch, and key press to naturally interact with applications seamlessly and be more productive.

Based on Cue-me, Openstream has developed SmartMail and SmartAssistant. SmartMail attempts to aid how mobility and pervasive access to emails has changed the way email interaction occurs in the enterprise. So while most mobile email solutions focus on connectivity to specific email servers, SmartMail addresses the consumption model. Moreover, many enterprises have adopted the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement which raises serious questions about security. As a result of which many employees do not have access to official mails on their devices. With SmartMail Container, enterprises can sandbox the email offering and selectively control email, document, contacts and other information content remotely, from a single management platform.

Another fascinating product that has been developed on Cue-me is SmartAssistant; a context-aware "mobile virtual personal assistant", that provides intelligent multimodal interaction through a service that combines the services of call-manager, calendar, alerts, social-networking and other custom applications. The company also offers SMP-SmartBroker, SMP-Pharma, SMP-Smartcare which operates in finance and healthcare domains.

A Company is Larger Than Its Products

It is widely seen that startups fail to deliver after the initial burst with their first products but Openstream has ensured that it will not suffer the same fate. Today, Openstream has joined hands with big enterprises who work with advanced technology in the field and with every passing day the company is growing in conjunction with its strategic partners. This gives the company ample opportunity to leverage the value-added services of big-players who have been in the market and also to grasp opportunities that the company has not yet realized. “There is no one who can stop you from loving your technology or loving your product. But only technologies that are extensible, inter-operable and based on open standards can survive the rapid pace of innovation happening in the world of mobile technologies,” says Raj Tumuluri, CEO, Openstream.
This innovative mobile technology platform and solution company headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, boasts of customers such as Bank of New York Mellon, Verizon Wireless, Peoples Bank, HESS and has several leading pharma and retail companies in its portfolio of clients. Founded in 1997, the company has developed a strong foundation for its technology and leads development of several open standards for mobile interaction at the world wide web consortium (W3C). Their work environment drives the spirit of innovation, their approach shows focus and their management team comes from market leaders such as Nortel, Infosys, IBM, Intel, HP, Alcatel and Verizon, to name a few.

Strategy, Future Prospects and Accolades

With over two million mobile devices running applications built on Cue-me around the world, Openstream is rapidly expanding its client-base in U.S. and Indian market. The company has targeted U.S. as the primary near term revenue market and in India the company continues its focus on financial services and lifesciences for its products in the near future.
Pharma & Healthcare, Financial services and Retail are among the primary sectors where Openstream’s solutions are adopted, and given the growing use of mobile devices, this growing company holds the potential to change the virtual world as we know it today. This mobile platform & solutions company has already received awards and recognition for its efforts; Openstream was the "Gartner Cool Vendor" for 2011, it was listed as SI Top 10 Mobile Companies in 2012. The company has already begun to be recognized for its efforts making it a company that we should watch out for future domination.

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