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Steering towards Success WITH AGILE EXPERTISE
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Passion, confidence and ability to learn are qualities that make for a successful entrepreneur. Known for building Synerzip, a leading outsourced product development & engineering services company right from scratch and taking it to a record 211 percent growth in the past three years, Hemant Elhence, Founder & CEO of Synerzip serves as the perfect archetype for a perfect equilibrium of the above three qualities. A serial entrepreneur, Elhence has an impressive track record of building successful software companies. A veteran in the field of software business strategies and agile methodologies, it is seemingly impossible to judge his success stories from his calm and humble demeanor. Known in the industry as an individual whose reputation precedes him, he recently led Synerzip as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial companies in Dallas by Dallas 100, coveted industry recognition. Today, with over 20 years of experience and unparalleled expertise in both business and technology leadership, Elhence has come a long way since working as a Senior Software Engineer for HP in 1990.

His entrepreneurial career began in 2002 when he realized that the software industry was bogged down by long development time for iterations, low ROI and high defect densities. He saw an enormous opportunity on offer in the form of agile software development. Leveraging over two decades of industry experience in software development, Elhence co-founded ECMi, along with a team of professionals to develop real-time business intelligence solution components. As its Chief Operating Officer, Elhence spearheaded the company by successfully defining the product/market strategy, raising venture capital, and developing innovative enterprise applications for supply chain management.

Mastering Agile Methodologies
From ECMi, Elhence mastered the art of agile methodologies in all of its forms. With extensive know-how in the full software development life-cycle of prototyping, design, development, QA testing & deployment and an understanding of wide range of industry domains and software technologies, Elhence and Vinayak Joglekar, the current CTO and co-founder of Synerzip, together researched for a good two years to develop and fine tune the understanding and strategy within agile methodologies for venture backed companies. The birth child of all the research and amalgamation of expertise was Synerzip, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Currently working with evolving requirements, Synerzip has trained the employees flawlessly to the extent that there is no need for detailed software specification documents upfront from clients.

Today, he has chiseled Synerzip into a trusted collaborative software agile development partner for over 60 clients including Quickoffice (acquired by Google), Credant (acquired by Dell) and Fuelquest to name a few. Under his leadership the company has been molded into a leader in the dual shore - US and India - outsource software product development and software testing company. Steered by Elhence's prowess in agile development methodologies, the organization has been creating cutting-edge software products exclusively for small to mid-size technology companies for the better part of its 9 years in existence.

Persisting with Dedication and Focus
With most individuals getting accustomed to working in a big company where every single detail or problem is solved by the staff, manager and administration, Elhence believes entrepreneurship is the wakeup call to reality as it requires the individual to play the pivotal role and accomplish daily requirements with almost no external assistance. "There is no manager in finance and accounts, no person to manage complaints and billing, no marketing guy to write the pitch. So the challenge is to leverage the resources and finish it off ASAP in one’s own reach," says Hemant.

Also, many entrepreneurs drift midway from the journey, often straying into other new and alluring verticals, The main highlight of Elhence's and Synerzip's journey is the consistent focus and dedication to what they set out to do, to deploy agile methodologies and to improvise and build state of the art solutions based on the same. A Testimony of this determinative lineament is Synerzip being named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, for its second consecutive year. A quote from a client highlights where the company’s core strength lies, - "Working with Synerzip feels more like working with a boutique development firm rather than a massive consulting firm. Management provides oversight, involvement and encouragement to their teams that creates a highly motivated and dynamic workforce to engage with."

As the CEO, he has made sure that innovation holds a prominent position in day to day activities of the organization. An alumnus of The University of Chicago, University of Massachusetts, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, he has manifested hard work and unwavering focus as a primary trait of the company. Hence, through his unflappable management style, Elhence stands today as a testimonial to resilience, passion and commitment to success through Synerzip.
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