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OPD with innovation
ST Team
Saturday, May 2, 2009
A leading creative and design services company generates immediate impact for critical business opportunities by offering strategic creative services. They operate as an agency, laboratory and an incubator to innovate brands, products and spaces for organizations and wanted to build a media-centric (having articles, images, videos) social networking platform. The client wanted a bespoke implementation rather than using hosted services owing to the flexibility and space for innovation the former provides. But there were umpteen challenges to this in terms of size, format, resolution and capacity since hundreds of videos were expected to be submitted at the same time.

The company approached Kuliza Technologies, a product development company based out of Bangalore for building a scalable, distributed video processing sub-system. The operations involving media processing are CPU intensive and could bring the server down if the processing is not distributed. Kuliza built a state-of-the art social networking platform, which could run on a distributed computing environment and scale with addition of content and users, simply by adding cheap hardware.
Founded in 2006, Kuliza is a software product development and business consulting company, focused on building business solutions, using enterprise, social networking and mobile platforms. It partners, innovates and delivers high quality solutions that add exponential value to its customers. The company has delivered multiple products that are currently deployed at large organizations, some of which are Fortune 500 companies.

According to Anand, Kuliza was born to meet specific needs of innovative start-ups and mid-sized companies looking to design and build great technology products.

One of its exciting projects was related to creating a powerful search technology for analysing millions of clinical trials and publications records and providing insight into the latest research work done in the pharmaceutical industry, within seconds. The technology was deployed at major fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Another project required them to build a document and part viewer on the iPhone platform for a manufacturing company. “It is the working on such challenging tasks that has leveraged Kuliza’s credibility and popularity. In the past two years, the company has witnessed tremendous growth at 200 percent YoY,” explains Anand.

Kuliza has a strong Web technology group that specializes in building online social networks, AJAX-based dynamic Web sites, online search and content management systems.It frequently innovates and leverages the expertise in cutting edge open source technologies such as Joomla (content management system), Django, Dojo (AJAX), Solr and Lucence (open source search) to reduce the cost of software for the customers.

The company puts uncompromising emphasis on innovation. Kuliza Labs program is geared towards incubating and building products by partnering with people with deep domain expertise.

Kuliza has grown from three to 60 in headcount, over a period of 25 months, and the team includes a fair sprinkling of IIT-ians.
Talking about the work culture, Anand remarks, “We have an open and informal work environment that brings out the best in people. We provide ample opportunities for people to learn on-the-job, with mentors and experts assigned to help them grow in their respective areas”. They also organize frequent talks by external experts that bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. Before hiring people, they typically evaluate their skills and ability to learn fast.

With multiple customers already in its kitty, the current focus for the company is to expand its customer base and make its presence felt as an innovative offshore product development company. With its cutting edge skill and innovative methods, this goal does not look too far to reach.
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