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Effective Communication with Clear-cut Objectives
Vimali Swamy
Thursday, May 7, 2009
Sonata Software has appointed Ramachandra Subramanya as the Head of its SAP business. In this position he will oversee SAP enabled business transformation programs for Sonata’s customers. “The Sonata team’s experience across diverse industries and understanding of value drivers in the business environment will drive significant value proposition and continuous improvements in enabling IT strategies to meet business goals,” he said talking about his business team.

Subramanya started his career with MICO (Bosch) after graduating from RVCE, Bangalore, and during the course of his 19 year long career he has advised and spearheaded several Fortune 100 companies across India, the Middle East, the U.S.A., and Europe on their ERP initiatives. Prior to Sonata, he served at Satyam Computers as SAP Delivery Head for a Food major. Looking back, he considers the stint at MICO (Bosch) as the turning point in his career. “I was chosen to represent the Purchasing team in the company to implement an IT solution early in my career. This gave me an opportunity to have a look at the end-to-end process in an organization and helped me in business consulting and driving value proposition to stakeholders throughout my career,” he reminisces.

Subramanya believes that effective communication of clear-cut objectives and goals help much in being an effective leader. Moreover, a good leader must mould and direct the teams by assuring growth for each of the team members, which would help in turn to achieve the desired goals. He advises young technology professionals to develop awareness of business drivers that bring out the need for a technology solution. In order to have successful growth, a techie needs to have an overall perspective of the solution offering he is working on, rather than just his part of the work in the jig-saw puzzle.

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