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Inclusive Leadership
Vimali Swamy
Thursday, May 7, 2009
“The most exciting part of my career has just begun,” says Ninad Karpe who has recently joined APTECH as its MD and CEO. A certified Chartered Accountant, Karpe has nearly 25 years of experience, which includes 13 years as an independent consultant. Prior to APTECH, he was Managing Director (India & SAARC) of CA India, a stint he considers the turning point in his career. “During my career as a consultant, I did consulting work for CA to draw up its entry strategy plan in India.

After presenting the plan to senior management, I was asked an innocuous question ‘Will it work?’ Little did I realize that my response would be a turning point to my career. I joined CA after that and stayed with them for 11 years,” he recalls.
Talking about his new role Karpe said, “From being an entrepreneur to joining a foreign company seeking to establish operations in India to leading a learning solutions company, it has been an eclectic career.

Leadership is universal and so is its application. APTECH is in a completely different space compared to CA, but the fundamental concept of leading a company remains the same.” He believes in the mantra of ‘Don’t lead. Be led’ and in being inclusive in leadership that means including stakeholders in one’s decision making.

Karpe has specialized in consulting for foreign companies and has authored two books and co-authored three books. In leisure he indulges in home winemaking and amateur videography.
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