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Model N India Software Going that Extra Mile for Employee Comfort
Anamika Sahu
Monday, April 7, 2014
A great company is not built by accident. It requires the perfect blend of people, technology, knowledge and responsibility. Where several companies understand this theory after years of vicissitude, Model N India Software imbibed this as its DNA since its inception. The company strongly cocoons itself with the core value 'DARE' which stands for Demonstrate respect for individuals and their personal choices; Adhere to a hierarchy of responsibilities; Reach for the dream with the assurance that risk taking is protected by an internal safety net; and Exemplify uncompromising integrity and a passion for all things. Model N believes that the founders may be the start, but all the wonderful employees are the ones who have built the company and has made it the pioneer Software Product and Solution provider in the Revenue Management and Analytics segment for Life Sciences and Hi-Tech verticals.

The 250+ employee strong company has created a perfect mix of talented, motivated and energetic people who are passionate about what they do and how they do it. These experts have developed products that manage end-to-end revenue lifecycle and align complex revenue lifecycle process for all departments involved - marketing, sales, finance and operations, and help the clients save millions of dollars each year. Delivering products and solutions that are mission critical to their customers requires great talent and compromising on the quality will ultimately lead to failure. "People are our foundation and we are as strong as our employees. The cost of a wrong hire is high. That is the reason we hire the best candidates even if it costs us time," says Srikanth Gadamsetty, General Manager, Model N India.

Model N follows a rigorous selection procedure which is basically a two way evaluation both by candidates and employers. For instance, when recruiting a manager, Model N makes them talk to the prospective team & peers he would handle in his job and the stakeholders that he would be interacting in the U.S. This helps both parties to gain good understanding of the role and people removing any chance for surprises once the candidate joins.

Imbibing Global Policies with Local Flavor
Being a part of the global company, Model N India ensures that the work culture remains consistent across the organization which is extremely employee friendly. Salary advances, international travel opportunities, subsidized lunch and transport, work from home, flexible work hours, training programs that cover technical & behavioral skills, managerial & leadership training programs and several other benefits are provided to the employees.

Model N India is a performance centric organization where employees' progression and compensation are linked with their performance. The company uses a robust performance management system to identify the top candidates and reward them accordingly. Apart from the usual compensation process, the company has a three tier appreciation, rewards and recognition program. It has a firm belief in sharing the wealth it creates with its employees by granting Restricted Stock Units annually to all employees.

The company prides itself in appreciating the nimbleness of employees to learn & grow, and in the process doesn't forget to thank their family for support. "We have a history of attracting the right talent and retaining it in the organization for long through our core values that we live day-in and day-out. We DARE," concludes Srikanth.

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