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smartData Enterprises Offering A Perfect Blend of Work-Life Integration
Anamika Sahu
Saturday, April 5, 2014
The best creativity happens in the best vicinity. Believing in this, smartData Enterprises has eventually crafted the finest place for its employees to grow personally and professionally. Based out of Mohali, smartData is an IT Services company that provides offshore business consulting and software solutions catering to the growing business needs of the global customers. Backed with simple and effective process with CMMI model, smartData provides the agile development framework for the entire organizational needs with strong team of business analysts who have industry experience in consulting business solutions onsite.

smartData offers energizing exposure to best business practices and a chance to confront the volatile technology world. The company is not only about technology, it is about its people and their professional growth."People are our most appreciated resource and they are the key to recognizing our company's vision. We give our smartians (employees) freedom to work in the manner they deem most productive," says Ajay Tewari, CEO, smartData Enterprises.

smartData follows an open communication and employee support through its outreach programs. It believes in acquiring, developing and retaining good talent and respects ethics, values, individual dignity, integrity & positive authority. Regular technical and vocational trainings are conducted to sharpen technical and soft skills. Smartians regularly attend these trainings and seminars to keep themselves ahead in this competitive market. They are encouraged to do certification course approved by the organization and when successfully done, smartData partially or fully reimburse the expenses.

Being a performance oriented organization; smartData encourages and recognizes its smartians with inhouse appraisals ensuring their career path in line with organization's goals. smartData provides various forms of rewards including bonuses, recognition, annual awards and felicitations. The reporting managers decide the award winners based on their overall performance and conduct within the organization. smartData favors ability over experience and provides room for every deserving employee to emerge out as a leader. 'MANTHAN' is the core group that gives opportunities of advancements to such deserving employees and grooms the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Making All the Difference

Working in a global environment needs a sense of accountability from the employees which requires work life balance. smartData calls it 'Work- Life Integration'. It offers time flexibility to employees on request and compensatory offs in case of extra work. The senior staff members are allowed to bring their own devices which allow them flexibility to do anywhere anytime work and maintain a proper work-life balance.

smartData also organizes employee & family events & activities to encourage team building through events like sports, excursions, trips and others. The most appreciated activity is the SPL (smartData Premier League) conducted on the same lines of IPL and have the same auction procedure. Till date, smartData has successfully conducted six seasons of SPL. The company believes in work leisure balance too and that is why it do not encourage carry forward of leaves to next calendar year. Understanding the mechanism of today's working environment, smartData has incorporated the geekiest of task with entertainment and relaxation to create a well-rounded development of both mind and body.

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