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July - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Mobile Apps will bring In New Challenges to Service Providers
Sam Mittal
Founder & CEO-mVentus
Monday, July 1, 2013
Cupertino based mVentus is a provider of Application development solutions. The firm utilizes a patent pending call intercept at IVR for all its products.

It is a known fact that Facebook has more users outside U.S., but surprisingly even Mobile money also has more usage in Africa than in the U.S. despite leading in innovation. It is happening because most developing economies missed the internet revolution and directly jumped to mobile evolution. World's new work force is more mobile savvy than ever before. Just to quote an example, 65 percent of the Indian population is less than 35 yrs old and majority already know the usage of mobile internet. Hence more people in the emerging economies will make mobile as the communication channel with their service providers. Customers are much more comfortable in using mobile self care apps rather than talking to agents, than ever before in emerging economies also.

However the Tsunami of mobile apps coming to one's mobile phone will bring in bold new challenges.
Despite enterprises worldwide investing heavily in mobile self applications, its discovery and adoption is still a daunting task. Enterprises hire marketing agencies to market their app to their customers however they forget that they have the most powerful tool in their hand – their call centers. When their customers call them, enterprises can push their app automatically to them. Another problem that adds to the pain per Nuance research is that "41 percent people still call centers as either they forget they downloaded the app or they remember the call center number as it is easy to dial".

Aside from building a great team, maintaining it along with a decent cash flow is always the biggest challenge. One does not have the luxury of hiring the best unless he has a big VC brand behind him. Despite a small team, one has to compete with the big gorillas of the industry. Hence, start from the territory where you can win the battle from the big boys. For example, we started from India and expanded into Africa as our U.S. competition is nonexistent there. Once a company builds a good cash flow and customers, they can approach the U.S. market with a bang.

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