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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Semiconductor
Microstaq Aiming to open up a whole new market segment for the semiconductor market
si Team
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Texas based Microstaq is well on the way to open up a whole new market segment for semiconductor IC's with its silicon MEMS based fluid control solutions, which can be customized for virtually all fluid media and have applications in HVAC/R, automotive, medical and industrial products and systems. Highly respected investors have seen the potential and Microstaq has raised a total of $22.5 million in funding, including a recent Series B amount of $12.5 million from Good Energies’ (the lead investor), Yaletown Venture Partners and Polygon Group.

"Microstaq is a game changing company. We have the potential to forever change every industry that we sell into because our technology provides a step function in value in several areas: size, weight, power consumption, integration and system efficiency. We mean to capitalize on that advantage at every opportunity," says Sandeep Kumar, CEO of Microstaq

Because Microstaq owns the intellectual property that make this type of technology possible, companies wishing to enter into direct competition with Microstaq face significant barriers to entry. Currently Microstaq's only competition is from traditional companies whose products are far less energy efficient, require a significantly larger engineering footprint, weigh an order of magnitude more and are far more susceptible to fatigue and failure.

The company's flagship technology is based upon the Microstaq Ventilum chip, an industry first technology that replaces bulky solenoids and other mechanical devices with an intelligent, miniature MEMS-based valve capable of the same level of fluid delivery

The company launched it's HVAC product the Microstaq SEV earlier this year. The first true revolution in HVAC technology in 50 years, which provides first-ever integrated computer control to fluid movement, simplifies design of AC control systems and dramatically extends the life and durability of compressors in AC systems. This quantum leap forward in fluid control will enable the reduction of energy consumption in AC systems worldwide by 25 percent.

The Microstaq management team is comprised of experts within the company's top market segments, allowing for very strong cross-functional engineering and solid sales capabilities.

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