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Kyyba Striving to be the best in Staffing Solutions
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Modern organizations struggle with staffing challenges stemming from increased knowledge work, labor shortages, competition for applicants, and workforce diversity. Yet, despite such critical needs for effective staffing practice, staffing research continues to be a major inhibitor to an organizations growth. Kyyba, a provider of IT and engineering staffing solutions has understood this dearth in the market and capitalized on the opportunity.

"We will find the right candidate for the right skill sets because we never stop working till we meet your specific needs," says Tel Ganesan, President & CEO, Kyyba. The company assists their clients with acquisition, retention and management of technical and managerial talent. It also has a recruiting engine with full timeW2, experienced recruiters providing IT and engineering resources to its clients. Kyyba's long-term relationships with clients provides a testimony of the commitment to providing quality staffing and consulting solutions that it delivers consistently.

Kyyba has a flexible and scalable service delivery model with the ability to scale up or down as the requirements change, maximizing staffing dollars and reducing waste. The goal is to deliver qualified candidates in a timely manner meeting specific hiring needs so that the clients can focus on core business and adjust the workforce as they respond to the business demands and critical market needs.

Kyyba is characterized by an ability to combine sound business judgment, innovation, engineering expertise and applied science seamlessly throughout the development process.

Kyyba also provides Accreditime, a software that helps state licensing agencies, institutions and accrediting agencies by simplifying the accreditation reporting process from planning to submission. The software is provided through an online, subscription based service. The key aspect of Accreditime is the one-click generation of accreditation reports.

The software stores all the applications, documents and attachments in the cloud for easy access anytime. With the use of this software, administrators can share the workload with appropriate departments within the institution and monitor their progress, Accreditime keeps track of the renewal dates and sends email reminders and notifications.

Moving towards an Illustrious Future

The company boasts of a strong work culture that is conducive for creativity, passion, risk taking and ultimately resulting in all employees reaching their full potential.

Kyyba's clients are one of the Big 3 in Metro Detroit and are currently witnessing good traction in the automotive industry. In the coming days the staffing company intends to diversify its offerings and also intends to scale up its operations to different locations and industries. The company with over 350 employees intends to grow into the biggest name in the IT and engineering services domain.

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