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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Software
Kazeon Moving Up in Business
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Sudhakar Muddu, a seasoned and successful entrepreneur founded Kazeon Systems in 2003 with a vision to have information management to be the fundamental and enterprise-wide as databases or network switches in the IT infrastructure of corporations. Since then, Kazeon has revolutionized the way companies perform information management by using the information server software to intelligently discover, search and index, classify and perform workflow action on all electronically stored information.

The information service provider offers a wide range of applications within an enterprise using a single, underlying information management technology. The company’s patented software solution, the Information Server, has been built ground-up for providing robust, high performing and infinitely scaling information management capabilities across an enterprise no matter what types of data exist. Key applications that are serviced by Kazeon’s technology are eDiscovery, compliance, Information Governance and overall data management.

Being a leading provider of in-house eDiscovery technology, Kazeon has successfully been deployed in numerous enterprise environments worldwide. A few of the Kazeon’s customers include - Atheros Communications, Victrex PLC, WMS Gaming, BTMU Capital, Subaru of America and many more. Further extending its leadership position and its strong technology, Kazeon is extending into cloud computing offerings and SaaS. Similar to corporations, cloud computing vendors will face similar problems – eDiscovery, compliance and data management, and the Information Server is poised to help them solve these problems in very cost-effective, high-performing and scalable ways.

“Kazeon’s growth and success is due to its excellent engineering, marketing and sales teams which have delivered unparalleled capabilities to enable powerful eDiscovery while reducing its cost up to 90 percent for over three hundred customers,” says Karthik Kannan, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.
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