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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Security
AgeTak Ensuring Utmost Data Security
si Team
Monday, November 2, 2009
Efficient and secure handling the process of sharing data with customers, business partners, and among employees is key challenge for an enterprise in today’s highly competitive market and legislative environment. The most illustrative example of this is found in the healthcare sector where a patient’s confidential medical information is created in many different places and has to be shared among many different healthcare professionals under the scrutiny of strict health information privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

So the traditional approach has been to solve the problem of ensuring data security by limiting access either at the database end or at the application level. This approach is becoming more and more impractical as data scattered across diverse systems has to be shared among different stakeholders – say a patient’s medical records, prescriptions, and billing information that have to be shared among different clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies.

“We intercept the data request just before it enters the database and provide for real-time privacy enforcement logic on-the-fly, we don’t have to modify thousands of applications and hundreds of databases of diverse technologies under the control of various agencies,” says Rakesh Verma, CEO, AgeTak. Founded in 2004, this Minneapolis based company’s response is based on the Access Right Control (ARC) technology that provides a mechanism for accessing data present in multiple places as if they were at one place and for implementing who-gets-what-data-for-what-purpose level of security and privacy at one place.

That’s why AgeTak rightly deserves a space in Si100 list. Interestingly, largest American healthcare company has licensed AgeTak technology to meet the above need. “They evaluated the technology through four proofs of concepts in one year and concluded that our technology is superior to Microsoft, Oracle, Guardiam and IBM HIPPOCRATIC DATABASE for this purpose. They retained the third-party Price Waterhouse Cooper for the purpose of evaluation of our technology,”says proud CEO.

A five years old start up with an offshore research and development unit in India, indeed most uniquely positioned company in security and privacy market today. This year the company’s growth in 2008 has been 45 percent. Certainly AgeTak story would be one of the inspiring for aspiring entrepreneurs, which is attracting investors even in this time.
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