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Js Law - A California Business Immigration Law Firm
Abishek Chandran
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Founded by Joubin Sedgh and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Js Law represents individuals and corporate clients including foreign executives, managers, skilled and unskilled workers, investors, professionals, and entertainers on broad range of immigration matters. Their unique approach to Immigration law has provided them a great deal of success and a long-standing relationship with their existing clients. When it comes to Investment Immigration cases, the firm brings to the table a team of experts to cover both legal and business aspects of the case. This includes skilful immigration attorneys, expert business and economic support team some of whom are Harvard graduates with invaluable information and insight on business plans.

For Js Law, client satisfaction is the surest barometers in defining success. They deliver that in part by returning client's phone calls within 24 hours. More importantly, the firm acts as strategic partner to meet clients' goals by leveraging its expertise to provide innovative, responsive, and cost-effective legal counsel.

Majority of Js Law's Immigration practice involves Investment and employment based Immigration cases. The firm has a solid track record in successfully obtaining employment-based visas such as H-1b, L-1, for a good number of Silicon Valley companies, as a result of which, they are contemplating opening of an office in the bay area to serve northern California client's needs more effectively.

When it comes to obtaining green card for individuals and families, Js Law seeks to offer a customized immigration plan that is tailored to client's personal and business backgrounds, whether it's a family based green card, or investment based green cards such as Eb-5.

Adhering to three principles-innovation, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness, Js Law works in a manner that is more than just a breather to its clients. After accepting a case, attorneys conduct thorough study of each client's unique circumstances surrounding their case in order to obtain and provide necessary information for a smooth completion of their USCIS petitions.

According to its principal attorney, Joubin Sedgh, "once a client retains our services, the client will stay in touch with the same attorney until the case comes to a positive resolution."

Above all, their honest and cost-effective approach of accepting half of the attorney's fees up front and the other half only upon final approval by USCIS has played a great role in its success, as clients find it more convincing to pay for only what they can see and believe. "We are honest and straight forward lawyers. That means we won't accept representation for the sake of a retainer agreement and an upfront fee! If we don't predict a high likelihood of success, it's a no go," says Sedgh.

"In our field, potential clients are much more exposed and informed about the legal inquiry they are calling about. Competition is at its highest, demanding higher quality delivery in a shorter span of time," says Sedgh. While speculations still exist about the new immigration law in the U.S., he says. "There is a high likelihood that the new immigration bill would pass in 2014. The new Immigration bill would shift emphasis of the U.S. immigration policy away from family ties and put more weight on employment prospects, education and relative youth."

In the coming days, Js Law looks to advocate more of employment-based immigration cases. Sedgh also predicts that the bill could possibly create a new "merit-based visas" system for granting permanent resident status, which means immigrants can gain "points" toward citizenship in areas such as education, employment experience, the needs of U.S. employers, and ties to the U.S. citizens.

"These days when you speak of U.S. immigration law, you are referring to the immigration reform that is aiming to change and improve the current semi-broken system. Think about it, we are one of the biggest countries in the world and we have one of the largest economies. For many decades we have been absorbing all the overseas brains to be employed in our companies. The new immigration reform (if passed) also emphasize on this fact. Yet, not every improvement in the law is flawless. Our lawmakers are always contemplating ways to block the channels leading to abuse of process," says Sedgh.

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