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Invensys Skelta Enabling automation and Streamlining Critical Processes
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Business processes and business process management techniques are becoming accepted but the interpretation is different. There are a wide range of business processes that are appropriate for different business domains which creates a need of customized solutions. Invensys Skelta provides successful customer implementations in diverse industry verticals through its BPM and Advanced workflow software. Invensys Skelta is an industry leader in .NET based BPM technology through its product - Skelta BPM which offers 100 percent embeddable, enterprise class, BPM solutions to help organizations achieve operational agility. Skelta BPM enables easy to deploy, web based process workflows across the business latitude and puts the control directly in the hands of the users.

The cost of development and deployment of a BPM solution often falls well below independent solutions for individual processes. Using a single platform reduces training and development costs. Skelta BPM is an enterprise business process management and workflow software development product. Catering to enterprises across the globe, Skelta BPM automates core business processes by automating and optimizing the sequence of human, systems & document related activities. It is a scalable BPM platform which allows organizations to start small and scale rapidly across business functions. Skelta BPM provides ability to meet changes driven by internal or external factors.

Skelta BPM's standard suite of services is designed to support customers in deploying and managing their mission critical deployments. The suite can also be tailored for specific customer needs and to build composite applications such as Accounts Payable solution, Document Management System, Enterprise Risk Management and many more applications for any industry vertical.

Skelta BPM not only automates your business but also identifies the areas of potential pitfalls. It facilitates effective resource management which in turn points areas where and how to re-assign staff to other parts of the organization. By focusing on the important processes in the flow, Skelta BPM can result in faster turnaround times, lesser rework, improved time to market for new products and better customer responsiveness. Skelta BPM leverages the technology investments already made by an enterprise, by seamlessly integrating with multiple systems / applications giving stakeholders a unified view of the process insights and improving return on existing technology investments.

Invensys Skelta has a clientele spanning from OEMs to end users. The company sees good amount of traction in IT/ITES, Manufacturing, BFSI & in the GIS market where the scope of BPM in relation to technologies already existing in the enterprises can be put to greater benefit of the organization.

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