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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Networking
Infineta Systems Hyper-scale WAN Optimization
si Team
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Infineta Systems, a leading innovator and provider of Hyper-scale WAN Optimization solutions, is revolutionizing the way enterprises leverage their inter-data center WANs for strategic IT initiatives such as high-speed replication, backup, storage and server virtualization, and Big Data implementations such as Hadoop.

Infineta's flagship WAN Optimization product, the Data Mobility Switch (DMS), combines Infineta’s patent-pending traffic control, WAN optimization, and multi-stage data reduction technologies to allow enterprises make significantly better use of their inter-data center WAN infrastructure. The DMS accelerates traffic over WAN links at up to 10 Gbps rates, while expanding WAN capacity by 5-10X and guaranteeing network capacity for critical inter-data center traffic flows. The end result is significantly increased WAN capacity utilization, improved data center application performance, and substantial cost savings through curtailed WAN bandwidth costs. The product’s significance has been affirmed by the overwhelmingly positive reaction from early customers. Denis Martin, CTO of Navisite, says “Having seen what it can do first hand, the Infineta DMS will make your current inter-data center WAN link feel like a dial-up modem.”

The company recently unveiled its Data Migration Accelerator (DMA) service, an industry-first Pay-As-You-Go WAN Optimization service for cloud and data center migration projects. Enterprises can use the DMA to significantly speed up their data center consolidations and data migrations, all without requiring any capital expenditures or long-term financial commitments.

Infineta was founded by Raj Kanaya and K.V.S. Ramarao in 2008 and is backed by a trio of leading VC firms. The company recently won AlwaysOn’s coveted 2011 Global 250 award, in addition to Network World’s Top 25 to Watch, amongst other accolades.

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