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Indians In The US Earn The Most Because They Study The Most
SI Team
Thursday, July 2, 2015
A study by US Department of Labor disclosed the earnings of various racial and ethnic groups of America. What's interesting is the fact that Indians came out on top by some distance. In 2013, the average weekly earnings of Indians were $1,100 a week for those who came in the age bracket of 16 and above. But what’s driving this factor? Education. "For these ethnic groups, education explains most of the wage differences, since on an average Indian, Japanese, and Chinese workers have higher levels of education than the rest of the labor force (education explains half to three quarters of the observed wage gaps)," an analyst in the Department of Labor noted. 76 percent of Indians above the age of 25 have graduated from college. So why is the education level so high amongst the Indian community? After having a closer look and as per the reports provided by the Department of Labor, 70 percent of people belonging to Indian origin have been identified as 'foreign-born'. In 2010, a Pew Research report revealed that 87 percent of adult Indo-American were foreign born. Another aspect that should be taken to consideration is the fact for most the Indian immigrants, high-skilled employment is the biggest reason for moving compared to various other reasons cited by other communities. As per a Pew Research report 2011 half the Indian emigrants who received green cad had employee sponsorship, coming only second to the Koreans amongst the Asian community. Also one must never forget that America has always been selective, picking highest earning professionals from the Indian diasporas.
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