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July - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers
nuVizz Driving the Wave of Transformation through Enterprise Mobility
SI Team
Monday, July 13, 2015
Unlike the consumer mobile apps, business adoption of mobile technology is based on sound ROI. Businesses focus on reducing operational costs, increased revenue or both. Most solution providers consume many months for developing solutions, which often fail to give full ROI. As mobile technology is moving at a rapid pace, vendors have to accelerate their speed of delivering mobile solution and delivering on ROI expectations. "Our promise of a zero-to-beta in 60 days, aims to create an atmosphere of confidence, trust and speed to deployment," says Anantha Rao, CTO, nuVizz. With headquarters in Atlanta, GA, nuVizz provides a cloud-based platform that combines everything neededfor delivering and managing mobile solutions into a single platform. These capabilities provide the bedrock over which a range of business solutions can be offered and maintained.

nuVizz's Enterprise Mobile solution, mCloud, is gaining a lot of acclaim in the market for its one-stop-shop amenity. "mCloud offers both a public application infrastructure as well as an available private cloud that customers can leverage," adds Rao. Enabling customers to take advantage of today resilient technologies such as SaaS, Cloud Computing, Mobility and Virtualization. A multi-tenant platform that provides flexibility and optimization needed without overburdening clients. "mCloud connects with mobile devices and manages the information exchange, data synchronization, user authentication and authorization, work flow management and task management," enumerates Rao on the features of their Cloud based platform. This rapidly shrinks the time of deployment of the mobile applications allowing customers to rapidly see benefits.

nuVizz has also expanded its expertise in the Logistics industry, where the company has introduced a solution DeliverIt for field service management, and last mile management. "With DeliverIt, our customers today save over four million sheets of paper and at least 10 million minutes of unproductive manpower, per year," says Rao. DeliverIt has proved to be an efficient tool as it has allowed customers to witness a substantialincrease in their delivery network capacity. The ability to provide live feedback and information collection from the field to the office is also a reliable feature commended by many clients.

"Our solutions address a broad range of industries," says Rao. A large multi-brand multinational organization once approached nuVizz for optimizing their delivery network, consisting of hundreds of third party transportation companies and contractors. Addressing negative customer experiences in a timely manner was of primary concern. "Our DeliverItapp provided a way to capture tailored feedback and work flow for each brand, streamlining a process that was very cumbersome," explains Rao. Customer satisfaction surveys today reflect a 98 percent successful interaction with every customer. Besides the intangible benefits of improving customer satisfaction, the customer also saved over two million sheets of paper and nine million minutes of manpower managing the paperwork.

The mission statement of nuVizz is to enable organizations to capitalize on a mobile workforce by leveraging the latest technologies such as smart phones and tablets. In this light, nuVizz is planning to enhance the capabilities of their platform that will put customers in charge of their mobile operations. In the current Enterprise Mobility landscape, the company has been in the spotlight for their solutions in North America and Europe, and now nuVizz is ready to establish their footprint in India, APAC, and Middle East.

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