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Indian Companies support Three Lakh jobs in U.S.
SI Team
Friday, June 1, 2012
The Indian companies play a vital role in creating employment opportunities in the U.S. and are also involved in 72 mergers and acquisitions, said TK Chand, Chairman CII, Vizag Zone and director (commercial) of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. There has also been in an increase in the Indian companies in U.S. along with the increase in their employee count regardless of the serious problems related to financial crisis.

CII conducted a similar study titled the 'Indian Roots, American Soil: Adding Value to U.S Economy and Society', gathered information from 36 prominent Indian companies doing business in America in diverse fields and came up with similar conclusion regarding the increase hiring process by Indian companies during the time of recession. It was found that these 36 companies alone employ nearly 52,000 employees in U.S. and they have also increased more than 70 percent of their staff in the last seven years. They also plan to create around 3,400 jobs, in the present year.

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