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iDashboards An Engaging Visual Experience with Data
si Team
Monday, August 1, 2016
"Data is useless, if it fails to tell a story," begins Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards. Every organization is overwhelmed with rows of text, innumerable reports and spreadsheets, and it is restricting their ability to turn that data into actionable insights. For obtaining a clear picture, iDashboards visualizes the information from different data sources and presents it as a story for the user through charts, maps and infographics. iDashboards provides customers with a way to transform their databases and spreadsheets into interactive business intelligence that provides greater data clarity and increased transparency. This visually engaging information helps enterprises to augment their decision-making and ensure effective reporting. "The genesis of the idea is to create engaging user experience to address the serious side of the business-data presentation and information reporting," says Malik.

The company provides dashboards for organizations to connect their data sources for spotting hidden trends at a glance leading to improved decision making. The dashboard helps organizations of all types and sizes monitor their key performance indicators (KPI's) in real time through their on-premises or Cloud software. "The single, intuitive interface of the dashboard enables the user to turn the latent information into actionable insights by providing intuitive visuals, drill down into details and what-if analysis capabilities," says Malik. Results on the screen vary in real time, enabling the user to stay updated with the parameters affecting their business.

For ensuring hassle-free data blending, the company provides iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI). It consolidates and blends data from multiple locations in different formats including spreadsheets and transforms it into useful information. According to Malik, the solution meets the three major segments of the big data market including accessibility, analysis, and visualization. iDI accesses databases, reports, and other sources to collect data. Post collection, the solution transforms the data through blending and aggregation. Ultimately, the visual interface of the dashboards displays the result through charts, gauges and maps in real time. Malik also stresses on the significance of big data in achieving business objectives and states, "The role of big data technology is to either solve a problem or create an opportunity."

The CEO illustrates with an example in terms of data security-an organization can identify an anonymous IP address hitting the website for a huge number of times within a short interval. The real time identification will help the network administrator to block the IP immediately and prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or unauthorized access. In this way, the dashboards can support enterprises in solving security problems.

In one instance, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, a subsidiary of Trinity Health, needed a solution that could help them in monitoring their metrics in a single easy-to-read interface. The client completed the proof-of-concept with iDashboards and implemented it in several departments. The solution enabled the client to capture data at every point of interaction with the patient. "They were able to capture all this data and present it into various dashboards monitored round the clock," says Malik. This provided a greater level of transparency and created the opportunity for St. Joseph Mercy Health System to enhance their patient care.

In the years to come, iDashboards looks forward to further expand within SMBs and help them better understand their data. The company also emphasizes on building a data warehousing technology that focuses on accessibility and seamlessly integrates data sources within the dashboards.
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