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July - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers
Halosys Enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)
SI Team
Thursday, July 9, 2015
With a severe rise in demand for crafting hi-tech software solutions, large scale enterprises are on a mission to incorporate advanced enterprise mobility applications to speed up technology production processes. On the contrary, most large firms require different applications in place of a single solution for meeting operational goals. However, developing mobility applications competently from scratch is an uphill task which takes a toll on a company's return on investment (ROI). One of the biggest challenges encountered by CIOs is to seamlessly handle new feature requests while developing Apps. To enhance this process, Halosys, a Santa Clara, CA based company, provides a complete set of tools to combat these inimitable challenges with their innovative Mobile platform API. "Halosys Mobile First API platform not only accelerates the development of custom mobile and web applications, but also provides the right amount of flexibility to fulfill the custom needs of companies," says Avinash Harsh, CEO, Halosys.

Halosys' platform facilitates quick development, operation, and management of enterprise mobile Apps for enhanced mobilization. The company's flagship product, HaloMEM, is a Mobile First API & MBaaS platform that empowers customers with the ability to competently develop custom applications to convene the preferred needs of diverse businesses. The HaloMEM platform authorizes customers to efficiently create custom applications with an incessant devotion towards a "Mobile First" perspective. This platform helps clients to connect and integrate with almost any business system or database in minutes. "We accelerate the process by removing the need to write any code for your backend system, enabling a simple configuration process," affirms Harsh. The firm's solution also supervises every aspect of business management and deployment. HaloMEM also offers an extensive range of utilities such as improved visibility for compliance and security purposes, extensibility-easy configuration of data and policy changes, and business stability to stay in compliance with corporate policies. The platform also provides better connectivity, application and data security, reports and analytics, and application life cycle features.

In addition, Halosys delivers numerous custom pre-tailored applications for various industries to allow Halosys' customers to see the data flowing in and out of their systems through Halosys platform to the apps. These applications include mOrders- Sales Order management System, mCare-Patient Post discharge care application, and mAsset- Asset Management application among others. These Apps can be linked to nearly any back-end system whether it is SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Siebel or even legacy business systems. Halosys has a wide range of solutions that cater to Healthcare, Sales & Marketing Automation. For instance, Halosys has helped various clients including General Motors, Microsoft, SanDisk, nVidia, Agilent Technologies and University of California in speeding up their App development processes for increasing overall productivity.

Through its distinct aptitude in providing Enterprise Mobility solutions, Halosys has crafted successful mobile information and backend systems to mobilize existing business work flows and challenges associated with mobile form factor."With complete focus on "Mobile First philosophy", we serve companies seamlessly by creating distinctive features that are mobile specific and not necessarily a reproduction of an existing web or desktop on Mobile," says Harsh.

The company's most recent developments are Netsuite oriented mobile solutions on their platform and the launch of their Zero Code AppBuilder for rapid UI development. Moving forward, Halosys plans to expand their operations in Europe and other geographic areas by leveraging partnerships with channel partners and system integrators. The company is also working relentlessly to allow deeper integration with IoT Platforms and supporting.

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