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July - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers
Globo Plc Enterprise-wide Mobile App Deployment Simplified
SI Team
Thursday, July 9, 2015
The consumerization of IT has brought forth a new way for customers to interact with businesses: mobile apps. Gartner projects, by 2016, the use of mobile apps will surpass that of internet domain names, making mobile apps the dominant means of engaging with brands. Konstantinos "Costis" Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO of Globo Plc, elaborates on the two global mobile trends that are a priority for organizations. "First, is the massive shift of commerce to mobile consumption, and the second is the need to give employees mobile, secure access to business apps with a user experience that's comparable to that of consumer apps," he says. Organizations are challenged to develop effective mobile apps that align with their current IT systems, and more importantly find employee acceptance. A leading-edge solution is presented by the enterprise mobility and app development solutions behemoth-Globo Plc.

"Our unique model offers a combination of mobile expertise, deep industry insight, comprehensive set of application development and security products, and a passionate global workforce," asserts Papadimitrakopoulos. Globo addresses the consumer and employee mobility needs through several combinations of its GO!Enterprise Mobility Management Platform. Having a firm foundation in device management and containerization, the platform simplifies deployment and provides users with a unified interface for access to enterprise data and apps. Coalesced with mobile app development services that manage the entire lifecycle of mobile apps, Globo's clients can transform their organizations to a "mobile-first" world.

Globo ensures security of its clients' information and data by providing a myriad of security features; data loss protection for data in transit and at rest, remote wipe, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for devices and apps, identity authentication of devices and users; and for all these aspects there is auditing, tracking and reporting. Globo also offers mobile app development platform for all major operating systems. Companies can engage Globo's professional services arm to design these solutions, for security or app development if they wish to outsource this effort.

Ensuring the security of business critical information, clients of Globo are able to increase employee productivity, customer engagement, and partner interaction. "Globo's customer engagement model integrates design and engineering throughout the entire product development lifecycle, ensuring that our clients' big ideas are delivered quickly and efficiently," says Papadimitrakopoulos. One such instance is of CenClear, a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing services to children and families in central Pennsylvania. CenClear had distributed tablets to some of the employees but recognized issues with connectivity and security. CenClear decided to revamp their original tablet deployment strategy and employed Globo. A pilot program was initiated, securing 20 iPads with Globo's GO!Enterprise MDM product to monitor device usage and secure basic email and PIM used throughout the organization. An additional 330 iPads were procured by CenClear due to the satisfied employees and increased productivity. Pauline Raab, Executive Director of CenClear says, "Supervisory staff members now have access to data in real-time and travel to multiple locations to review. Use of hard copy files has been substantially reduced. Frontline staff members are able to immediately connect families with resources that were previously maintained in files housed in office locations."

Globo also serves Fortune 100 companies such as Intel and EMC and government agencies such as EEOC in the U.S. The company has operations in Canada, U.K., Greece, U.A.E., India, Singapore, and Cyprus. Globo aims to continue its focus on helping clients create innovative mobile business experiences for consumers and employees.

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