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July - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers
Mobiliya Technologies Delivering an Array of Flexible Enterprise Mobility Platforms
SI Team
Monday, July 13, 2015
With Enterprise Mobility (EM), a dominant force in the digital era, a striking number of mobile solution vendors are pervading the mobility market today. Working antithetically, these disparate solutions lead to a more complex and fractured IT environment. "Most first-generation EM fails to solve these problems creating apprehension in the minds of CIOs," remarks Krish Kupathil, CEO, Mobiliya Technologies. In such a scenario, enterprises need unified devices, secure custom Read Only Memory (ROM), manageability platform, and secure enterprise app-the basis of the product line at Mobiliya Technologies. The company designs devices that run the custom Mobiliya Secure Android platform and other Mobiliya IP for niche verticals that require specialized devices.
Catering specifically tothe use of enterprises and defense, the company offers Mobiliya KratOS-a special purpose enterprise device powered by a secure custom ROM. Based on Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) and with the capability to be remotely managed with 300+ policies, Mobiliya KratOS is a favorable ROM for most enterprise devices. The solution also comes with enterprise grade security and device encryption that protects data and is enterprise ready with services like Virtual Private Network (VPN), Single Sign-On (SSO) and other pre integrated authentication. "Apart from smartphones and tablets, presently, we are also working on various mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), set top boxes, and wearables powered by Mobiliya KratOS for enterprise use," informs Kupathil.
As the mobility ecosystem moves beyond smart phones and tablets into point of sale devices and kiosks, mobile devices should exhibit an affinity for management functions. Mobiliya Manage-an enterprise-grade device management platform aims at fulfilling this need of managing people, process, and inventory through a single window. For instance, with Mobiliya Manage, an IT admin can track the distance travelled by a sales employee and reimburse him accordingly.
Governed by a need to deliver differentiated and innovative solutions, Mobiliya's other prominent platforms include Mobiliya Onvelop and Mobiliya Edvelop. While Mobiliya Onvelop enables disparate enterprise backend to be accessed from a mobile device, in tandem with cloud services like Microsoft office 365; Mobiliya Edvelop enables digital classrooms for universities and schools. Customized for the education space and based on Mobiliya Onvelop - Mobiliya Edvelop is used by major schools and colleges. Some of the features of the next generation learning platform include online assignment, tests, scorecard, and audio-visual sessions. "Mobiliya Edvelop is like a virtual school bag for the students who can access every kind of content and learning tools through the Edvelop platform," states Kupathil.
Keeping up with the rapid changes in enterprise mobility, Mobiliya believes in constantly enhancing their solutions to fit the needs of current technology trends. The company recently partnered with U.S. based Sonim Technologies to create a highly secure ultra-rugged device for mission-critical situations. In addition, at the beginning of this year Mobiliya launched Mobiliya KratOS in India, specifically to enable the local manufacturers and encourage Chinese Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs). "We have also been the first ones to launch an India-focused, data sovereign MDM solution called Mobiliya Shoonya," explains Kupathil. Mobiliya Shoonya delivers field force management features to manage sales, distribution, and other field employees to SMBs.
With a vision to magnify the innovation potential of their solutions in the years to come, Mobiliya is all set to launch several enterprise devices powered by Mobiliya KratOS. As mobility revolutionizes the education sector, the company also plans on launching Mobiliya Edvelop in the global markets.

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