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Get Set Go!
ST Team
Saturday, September 30, 2006
In the face of high attrition rates, being a human resource manager could be a challenging job. But rather than proving to be a deterrent, this seems to excite Deependra Chumble. Donning his new role as Chief People Officer (CPO) at Hexaware Technologies, Chumble opines that attrition in IT should be dealt with a similar mindset from the industry as well as the employees. “While employees should understand the fluctuating market and the hazards of job hopping in the long run, organizations should realize that the industry is young and deal with attrition with an open outlook.”

Entering the IT sector after 20 years of experience as an HR executive in hospitality and financial sector, Chumble is enthusiastic about making a mark in his present company. “Working in different industries and countries has taught me to be flexible,” he quips.

Creating a conducive work culture, managing and directing change figure among Chumble’s plans for the near future. With Hexaware’s coinciding announcement of doubling its headcount from the present 5000 employees, we will have to wait and watch if Chumble can deliver.
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