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January - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Fight against the Big Wigs
Gaurav Banga
Thursday, January 3, 2013
Headquartered in Cupertino, CA, Bromium is a provider of security architecture platform. The company recently raised $26.5 Million in its series B funding from Highland Capital Partners, Intel Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners.

Business process have become entirely computerized today and most trading is done electronically, namely in the fields of healthcare and government. From an information security standpoint computerized infrastructure is being built on a rather weak foundation. Gauging the way Smartphones and Google data centers work, there are several complex programs being written by different people which are further incorporated into a single entity.

In today's scenario, no security is fool proof. Be it NASA, the White House or a few Fortune 500 companies they are all reeling under security threats and have been hacked in the recent past. Their networks were compromised, so the compliance walls were eventually compelled to accept that they were hacked. Organizations deploy state of the art technology in their infrastructure and in-spite of all efforts, the security packaging fails to work. A company spends approximately $30 million or more in security practices today. Computer systems have become increasingly complicated and it is tough to isolate the good from the bad.

50 percent of companies are infected for hundreds of days before the antivirus catches up. All Fortune 500 CIOs are aware of this fact but will never own up. Technologies need to detect issues much earlier because unless the threat is detected, it cannot be classified as bad. Also the incubation period of the same is constantly increasing and not decreasing. Bromium was established to address these issues.

The concept of isolation plays a significant role in providing protection since there is a narrow possibility of detecting a virus or a malware on time. The system comes from different programs, vendors and customers and Bromium amalgamates all the different computer programs to interact with computer stacks. These stacks isolate the different programs in the virtual machine.

Micro VM is a new, state of the art concept which is capable of running a task in a completely isolated fashion. It is a virtualization client that runs any un-trusted content inside its very own virtual machine that can help protect the underlying operating system from any content stored on the physical machine from theft and malware infection. The methodology has worked effective till date.
Individuals are in need to run application entities like social apps on a more efficient and personal base making security an issue. The amount of social networking data being generated is clearly going against security.

Functionality is always required for security.
Any startup in the initial period goes through a phase where finding customers is an uphill task because they are a relatively unknown name. The company may have more effective solutions as their differentiator yet the big brands have more of an advantage. Hence, an entrepreneur's primary challenge is to fight the big brands for visibility. This fight against the big wigs is an entrepreneur's toughest yet the most important requisite.

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