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Exafort Innovating on the Cloud
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Cloud adoption is as much a challenge for businesses as it is an opportunity. Leveraging cloud based technologies is a tempting option for several companies but the move is highly crucial. The transition causes shifts in organizational roles and business practices, affecting customers and internal stakeholders alike. Given the several cloud computing services and solutions present in the industry, choosing the perfect solution for one’s specific business needs becomes much tougher.

Making this choice easier for companies is Exafort, a provider of consulting, implementation and support services to enable rapid adoption of cloud-based business automation solutions. The company provides services to help organizations maximize their ERP and CRM investments. We help our clients develop a cloud strategy, prepare for the shift, assess candidate processes, define the roadmap and execute the project. "We have been helping privately held mid-market companies to Fortune 500 firms with executing a wide range of cloud projects and initiatives. Enterprise businesses have been adopting cloud services to meet a wide variety of business needs, starting with basic communication which-over time-led to advanced enterprise business processes and applications," simplifies Arun Kanchi, President and CEO, Exafort.

The Approach

The industry is facing a dearth of service providers who can provide innovative application solutions in different areas. "We have the expertise where we bring cloud-driven mindset to solving IT challenges by developing innovative solutions that are highly customized and scalable," says Kanchi.

Based on Kanchi’s past experience as the CIO of Force10 Networks, Exafort’s services are specifically designed to aid a CIO in finding the perfect solution for his specific needs. "Our team is made up of functional and technical experts and specialist with the experience and leadership needed to implement enterprise solutions using new generation cloud mobile and social technologies. Our focus is timely execution of the roadmap to meet business objectives," he adds.

By following a step by step roadmap to improve workflows, data integrity, business processes and integration with on-premise and cloud applications Exafort helps clients improve their business effectiveness and efficiency. While building up the strategy, the company takes into account clients’ end-to-end value stream, regulatory constraints, business specific competitive advantage etc. while assessing the suitability of the candidate processes for the transformation in order to make it easier and more profitable. Armed with deep technical expertise and a focus on innovation, Exafort today has several happy customers.

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