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DOCOMO and Fujitsu concept phone is halved
Christo Jacob
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
You might have come across phones that flip or slide open. Ever thought of a phone that can be split? The Japanese mobile manufacturer DOCOMO and Fujitsu have joined hands and are showcasing a mobile device that can be split into two pieces.

An outrageously cool gadget, the mobile features separate screen and keyboard segments, and the pieces can be configured in a standard flip-phone-like arrangement, or snapped together to form an X1 or Touch Pro-esque landscape QWERTY variation. The two halves are held together by magnets and communicate via Bluetooth. Though it is still in a concept stage, the manufacturers have displayed it in the Japanese Tech show CEATEC this year. Currently, the major effort is being put in to minimize the amount of electronic components we're carting around. Still, it's a fairly slick design, and certainly a new way of thinking about phones.

So,all you gizmo freaks have something more to look forward to, after Apple's iPhone and Google's G1.

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