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November - 2013 - issue > Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies
CtrlS Keeping Your Applications Online And Data Secure
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
There are many concerns that the CIOs of today have when considering a cloud services provider. They inspect various aspects such as the agility to address ever-changing business requirements, infrastructure, server downtimes, network connectivity and maintenance, security measures against hacking, spam, viruses, data theft, corporate espionage and intellectual property, comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs), Regulatory Compliances, Security Audits, Uptimes and Disaster Recovery plans.

For a company to position itself as a cloud services vertical it needs to take care of all these aspects. Established in 2007, CtrlS is a cloud services company that offers cost-effective solutions to SMEs and large-sized enterprises, with no compromise on safety, reliability, flexibility and infrastructure. The company addresses these issues through product innovations like backup as a service, high availability and Encrypted Virtual Machines. It has also created a zero-downtime environment over multiple facilities. It owns and operates the most secure datacenters in the country that are Tier 4 certified and offers SLAs that guarantee 99.995 percent uptime with facilities that are carrier-neutral and can be accessed through all major TELCOs in the country.

"This allows our clients to take bold steps and leverage technology to achieve business goals like reaching out to new customers, exploring new markets, reducing cost and ensuring maximum flexibility with real-time interaction," says Sridhar Pinapureddy, Founder and CEO of CtrlS.

Offerings For The Enterprises
The firm offers various services such as Applications Hosting like Dynamix, SAP, and others for Micro Enterprises where customers expect ease of operations without compromising on performance. Cloud based Managed Solutions like Disaster Recovery on Demand and Zero Data Loss for medium-sized enterprises where companies in this segment look forward to customized solutions and a Business Continuity Plan, while ensuring zero CapEx and low OpEx and services like VDI, Thin Client, Mobility, Private Cloud and Public Cloud Test Beds for large enterprises since the biggest concerns in this segment are scalability, security, agility and minimized IT infrastructure costs.

Their services have won the trust of big names such as Piaggio, UCX and Dun & Bradstreet. The differentiating factors that have made this company a preferred vendor for all these and many more clients is its product flexibility which ensures multiple options ranging from static to elastic clouds, complete IaaS including persistent storage, mail and the choice to integrate Public and Private Clouds. : "Powered by Tier 4 datacenters across multiple locations, we have created Zero Downtime environments for cloud instances and mulltiple cloud flavors ensures availability of single-instance cloud, real cloud and enterprise cloud options. Hence, the end customer has a single login interface to manage all environments" mentions Pinapureddy.

Long Term and Short Term Goals
Moving forward the company would like to incorporate new and rejuvenate old offerings such as Cloud Instance Images Service, Cloud-based Web Storage and CDN, Storage as a Service, Monitoring Service, Platform as a Service, Database as a Service, Backup as a Service, Video on Demand and CtrlS Marketplace. This would help in the overall growth of the company and help them to stay ahead of the pack in the industry.

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