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CloudVelocity pockets $5 Million in series A Funding
si Team
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
CloudVelocity, a provider of hybrid cloud automation software, has pocketed $5 million from Mayfield fund to fuel its automation software suite in its Series A funding. The company has come out of its stealth mode, it was formerly known as Denali Systems.

The company, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA will try to accelerate the development of its hybrid cloud automation software suite (including cloud cloning, migration and cloud failover solutions). "Our goal is to enable enterprises to operate hybrid clouds as seamless extensions of the data center. Cloud cloning, migration and failover are our first steps in that direction, " says Rajeev Chawla, CEO, CloudVelocity. The beta trial of the Developer Edition cloud cloning software will help users to clone multi-tier app clusters and services; the beta trial of the Enterprise Edition enables users to clone, migrate and failover multi-tier apps and services into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 cloud.

Co-founded by Rajeev Chawla, CEO, the Company plans to integrate other public clouds in 2013. The CloudVelocity OHC platform hopes to deliver the promise of hybrid cloud to enterprises, by allowing them to blueprint, clone, and migrate applications between data centers and public clouds. The result is full server, networking, security and storage integration with AWS, a key enterprise requirement for complex, multi-tier applications in any cloud.

"We believe that CloudVelocity will have the same impact on public cloud adoption as VMware did on the adoption of server virtualization by making public clouds look like internal data centers," says Navin Chaddha, Mayfield Fund Managing Director.

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