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Business Immigration Practice For Technology Firms
Shilpa Gupta
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Historians often relate to events to discuss the passing of time. And so it is that for Devang Shah, the development of the internet had a significant impact on the direction he took when he started his business. "The direction of our firm coincides to the beginning and rapid growth of the internet," says Devang Shah, the Managing Partner of Shah & Kishore. Growing his law firm alongside the internet revolution of the 90s was beneficial. The internet leveled the playing field, enabling his firm to compete with larger firms. And the technological expertise increased the firm's ability to provide meaningful and strategic counseling to its clients. Shah & Kishore grew by offering solutions to their clients' immigration problems.

The growth of technology was further fed by the news surrounding the turn of the century. The expectation was that nearly every industry would be plagued with problems because of the change of millennium. The expected crisis drove U.S. companies to seek help in hiring more information technology workers. As a result, there were more opportunities for foreign information technology professionals to enter the U.S. For Shah & Kishore, this change in immigration needs was an opportunity - enabling their fairly new firm to grow exponentially. "As a result of these historic events, 95 percent of our immigration practice involves cases for information technology professionals," states Devang Shah.

Since then, two decades of expertise in the immigration sector has given Devang Shah and his firm an edge in the marketplace. The firm is now positioned as one of the top immigration law firms in the U.S. By actively participating in the intense competition, Shah has seen the immigration sector grow tremendously. On the change in the landscape of immigration, he comments, "Two things have substantially transformed the way we do business: 1) the increased levels of scrutiny on immigration petitions both by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and consulates, and 2) the level of compliance regulations." Shah and Kishore has been able to meet the challenges of the evolving landscape because of their specialization in information technology workers.

Located outside the Nations Capital in Rockville, MD, Shah & Kishore specializes in business immigration laws. It offers personalized legal services to corporations in the U.S. and overseas. The Firm represents companies applying for H-1B and L-1 visas as well as working on permanent resident cases for their employees. Other core competencies of the company include assisting clients in achieving TN and E3 visas. The firm does not involve itself in family based immigration, asylum or deportation cases.

Shah & Kishore is considered a critical member of the executive team of several leading technological companies. But the firm is also a strong supporter of many small firms. According to Shah, small organizations are the backbone of the American economy. It is possible that a number of these firms are likely to grow into 5000+ person companies and become publicly traded.

Shah's firm acknowledges the importance of immigration and how it has been beneficial to the rapid rise of the country's economy. The legal services provided by Shah & Kishore enable a business to leverage its expertise and compete successfully. "Technology companies with immigration needs are much more likely to seek experts in the field, such as our firm, rather than use general immigration practitioners. A specialist offers a more thorough outlook and more specific expertise than a generalist." This is especially important with the landscape changes of increased government scrutiny and compliance. Shah expresses, "Because of our technological experience and knowledge of the industry, we compete successfully against larger legal firms. We continue to grow in this niche of immigration law."

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