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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile
Aylus Betting on Mobile Revolution
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
In 2005, when he founded Aylus Networks Inc., the CEO, Shamim Naqvi focused on multimedia applications for mobile devices. His idea was to make the sharing of media to and from mobile devices easily possible. Aylus has been successful in this quest and today mobile operators are beginning to deploy Aylus technology to allow their subscribers to significantly enhance standard voice calls through the sharing of various multimedia—all with one simple click on their mobile phones.

Today with the advent of Iphone, Google phone and Blackberrys, people have started creating and consuming video content in large volume. Mobile phone revolution has taken this phenomenon to the next level. "To share video, photos in the middle of conversations we need software installed in the cell phone and a switch installed in the network. We provide this technology and once you install this in the cell phone, you could show people what you are speaking about," says Naqvi. Some of Aylus’ partners include Motorola, Nokia-Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent. The software can be used in most of the latest smartphones, and Aylus plans to expand its device portfolio significantly in the coming months.

Aylus is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, and is the provider of real-time multimedia sharing solutions for mobile networks, with the vision to change the way people communicate in emerging wireless networks by enabling subscribers to share multimedia in real-time during voice conversations.

The company is privately held and supported by venture financing from Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. In June 2007, the Westford, Mass.-based company raised $15 million in a second round of venture capitalist funding. It previously received $10 million in a first round of venture capital. It has initially focused on North American and Western European markets, but now the company is keen on expanding its presence in emerging markets as well.

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