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A swing of the ARM
ST Team
Friday, June 1, 2007
We are all the same. What really matters to one’s success is the exposure and the opportunity he/she gets,” says Anil Gupta, the newly appointed managing director of ARM’s India Operations. His two decade long experience of leading key divisions in different segments in the semiconductor industry will be important for the future growth of ARM’s operations in India.

Having had stints at Digital Equipment Corp, Synopsys, Perfectus Technology and Infineon Technologies, Gupta knows what it takes to be successful. “Over the years I have learnt that it didn’t really matter what you did as long as you did it with all the spirit,” he notes. Hailing from Hyderabad, Gupta is known for his commitment to work. He loves to stretch his abilities and always exceeded expectations. Once a karate and yoga practitioner, Gupta loves to spend time with underprivileged children during his free time.

Gupta takes over from Guru Ganesan, who now moves to a larger role within ARM’s U.S. operations. For the last several months, Ganesan has been juggling his role as India operations and VP of Engineering for ARM. It’s hectic but Ganesan loves it. He says, “My nature of operating is to spend more time at office and less time at home.” He hasn’t even paid attention to his boss’ advice, “Thou shall not burn thyself.”

A twenty-year veteran in the EDA/ASIC design industry, Ganesan has done a fantastic job in creating and growing the ARM design center in India. Previously he has held management positions with Aritsan, Synopsys, Texas Instruments, Cadence Design Systems and Valid Logic Systems.

The quick decision maker that he is, Ganesan never hesitates to take up responsibilities, however challenging it is. “I am not a person who waits for all the data to arrive in order to take a decision. Given what I know today, I take the appropriate decision. At the same time I am flexible to change course as new data arrives,” he says. Even if it is to tread uncharted waters, Ganesan is ready for it. “If the path is paved and everyone knows what needs to be done, then there is no fun. If there is something to be explored on the way I would love it,” he says. Like a recent vacation with his family, the only family outing in four years, to Coorg? All he does is smile.

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