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September - 2014 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Manav Mittal
Founder & CEO-Instart Logic
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Instart Logic accelerates cloud application delivery to organizations worldwide. Founded in 2010, the company has raised a total funding of $52 million from KPCB Holdings, Tenaya Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Greylock Partners and Andreessen Horowitz.

A new era of the second generation gets to witness the systems designed for Cloud and Mobile. The first generation systems were adaptations of data center or desktop 'converted' for cloud and mobile. Presently, companies came up with interesting designs and disruptive approaches for architectural implications of cloud and mobile, after a deep thought. This leads to the new wave of revolution.

On the other hand, the level of transparency within the companies has changed over the period of time. Earlier, employees had to accept whatever the CEO told as "the word of God." Now employees have access to a vast amount of company information that only five or six years ago would have been considered as confidential. This is empowering employees to have open conversations with their superiors. Therefore, an effectual change between the employer and employee is observed, as the employer is more committed to propel employees, ensuring their happiness and keeping them inspired to continue innovating on their behalf.

Understanding the Prospective of Cloud
People still have not used the Cloud to its full potential. While so many innovations have been made recently, such as new mobile technologies like Uber or the rise of food delivery service apps and the Cloud infrastructure, which has the ability to gather and analyze insightful data. This will expand the rich interactive experiences via the Cloud.
More and more companies are thinking 'cloud-centric' and 'mobile first'. It used to be that CIOs were about 'big iron' - judged on the size of the infrastructure. Currently 'No Iron' CIOs are emerging. They are trying to eliminate capital intensive infrastructure and replace it with more agile Cloud infrastructures.

Hindrances in the path of Entrepreneurs
It is a challenge for entrepreneurs to see a business concept through to scale. Due to the current level of market saturation in the tech industry scaling requires a lot of time, effort and patience. However, the competition is very high and with fast speed revolution the time and perseverance to take the business reach the point of sustainability can be delayed. Companies require immense staying power, longevity and commitment to the long haul. They need to withstand the trials and tribulations of the ruthless tech industry throughout the scaling process, which by today's standards can last upwards of a decade. (As told to Kamalika roy Chowdhury)

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