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Christo Jacob
Monday, September 1, 2014
In the recent years, the workplace in enterprises has undergone a profound change due to the shift to the digital means. The move to mobility, the arrival of a new generation of employees and the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) trend are the impetus behind changing the world of IT with a speed that might have seemed impossible a few years ago.

Personal devices were flooding the enterprises months before "BYOD" was coined. Now, more than 50 percent of the American population already owns a smart phone and the mobile traffic from these devices is increasing over 146 percent annually. Still, IT does not necessarily see mobile device management as essential to coping with this proliferation of devices in the workplace.

As technology advances, there is an increasing need for enterprises to move from ad-hoc to more structured management, maintenance and controls for their devices. The solutions that are currently available are often limited by proprietary lock-ins, siloed implementations for multi- type devices, expensive customization and operation, and security loopholes. The challenge is that there are too many enterprises which are working without the strategic view. They are merely scrambling to meet pressure from the CEO to offer BYOD options or increase mobile app access.

With the rise in the number of connected devices, OEMs and service providers across the globe are also finding it difficult to manage their devices effectively. They face challenges of meeting rising customer demands, reducing expenses of managing devices, and remaining competitive. Even those companies that have implemented Mobile Device Management (MDM) need to make sure their technology and policies really deliver the data security and management efficiency they seek. Though most MDM software offers the same basic capabilities, such as data wipe and device inventory, they needs to scout for additional features that fit with how you use mobile devices.

In this issue, we are presenting you the story of a man who has closely observed all the challenges what OEMs, services providers and enterprises are facing and have strived to simplify management and to provide significant savings in terms of time and resource investment for mobile device management. Read the cover story to know more about the motive in bringing to life Sanjay Kanodia's brainchild Pervacio, a provider of a platform that offers a suite of applications, features, services, and agents for managing various types of mobile phones.
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