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September - 2014 - issue > CXO View Point
Emerging Technologies Extending Beyond their Traditional Roles
Shankar Ramamurthy
Founder & CEO- Virtual Power Systems, Inc
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
The Santa Clara, CA based Virtual Power Systems, Inc. (VPS) focuses on creating a software-defined infrastructure for data center power delivery. The company has raised about $4 million from Exfinity Fund

These are interesting times for the industry with several trends assuming prominence. Further, majority of these developments focus on countering huge volumes of data and network of systems. One among the critical concerns that these trends attempt to solve is to understand, manage, predict and act upon large-scale data patterns. Besides, these developments are attentive towards rearranging architectures of a machine or a network of machines. While doing so, there is a specific approach towards issues related to management, control or function. In other words, these sections are separated while enabling the requisite modifications.
As the base platforms of big data combine with the best of technologies in Mobile, Miniaturization, Machine Learning and Collaboration, the emerging companies involved in technology would have a strong foundation, formed by the confluence of potential technologies. Further, this concept of "combined technologies" would make itself evident in all aspects of human endeavor and experience. Although many of these technologies have been a crucial aspect of niche technologies for decades, the outcome is different when they are combined, considering their potential to materialize multiplicative results.
The situation that the industry is currently in, is a strong indicator that emerging technologies are going far beyond their traditional roles, which were mostly restricted to business management or business supply chains. Presently, new technologies are finding traction in many sectors including education, medicine and healthcare, energy, transportation, governance or shopping, in ways that are truly transformative.

A Different Approach towards Innovation

With innovation turning crucial everywhere, the elements shaping innovative thinking are changing. Recognizing these developments, the present CEOs are altering their traditional approaches, and are joining the ranks of Technology Managers, CTOs or CIOs to enable differentiation. The Industry has many visionary leaders, who are better informed and constantly working towards discovering sustainable differentiators in their mature industries. Banking upon their knowledge and experience, they are able to add value to the competitive approaches. Moreover, they are willing to play a proactive role in defining the future of recent technologies.

The Current Entrepreneur

The times have changed, and the current entrepreneurs enjoy enhanced access to information. Yet, the need for differentiating approaches is more than evident in the present circumstances. Over time, the industry has witnessed many changes, which, further paved way for the current Changes that impact business leaders worldwide. For instance, "Development lead times" and barriers to entry are currently a fraction of what they used to be. In addition, in this era of specialized knowledge and fast-paced events, it is evident that the gap is widening between an entrepreneur and the adviser. Also, with the current customers focusing more on accessing credible innovations in technology, the dependency of a business leader on networks for validation is highly prominent. Lastly, the knowledgeable technology experts working towards disruptive changes are more likely to be vigorous backers as compared to traditional IT Vendor corporate. (As told to Sagaya Christuraj)

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