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The Expedition of Percipient Internet Inception
Keval Desai
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Interwest Partners, founded in 1979 and headquartered at Menlo Park, CA, invests an average of about $7 - 15 million over the span of their involvement with each company in their portfolio. They invest in companies through the venture investment stages, and investments may be staged over several rounds of financing.

Internet has evolved from being a need-driven utility medium to a discovery-driven entertainment medium. The necessary and sufficient conditions for this evolution are- broadband, Smart phones, iPads and tablets are the horsemen of this New Web. Consumers, entrepreneurs and investors, should get used to the fact that the online economy is increasingly blurring with the real life economy that distinction will soon disappear. As a result, just as in the real world, the Web of entertainment will be much bigger than the Web of utility.
The original big bang theory in internet happened in 1994. Internet basically was defined as a bunch of websites being a very small ecosystem in the society. In 1995, Netscape went public and made the internet accessible to the masses. Today Internet means everything of the society, from the garage door to the refrigerator door, which is accessed with a proper protocol.

Internet in Everything

In regards to giant businesses, for instance Ford just had a textual website earlier. In 2014, they deliver 3d dimension (Site, Sound and motion) experience like that in the physical world using internet. Success is a clear understanding of the identity of your users to ensure that you are programming to that user's interests.

The internet is moving from a client server approach to a cloud server approach. The development is faster in the cloud than client server approach. Internet is no more a high tech thing as it affects healthcare, government, the public services, manufacturing, literacy and education. Every industry that caters to consumers today has to reinvent itself or rewire itself for a smarter and faster world. All IP address based internet technology in analytics, data mining and advertising can now be applied to transportation, medicine and regular based commodities making life agile.

With billion users looking for widespread adoption of broadband, iPads and tablets, the Web is poised to become the medium for creativity, education, fashion and the pursuit of happiness. Like Joyus, an ecommerce company aims for people to spend less time looking for the best lifestyle products and more time using them. It delivers audio visual experience where hostess demonstrates the product and one can buy the product online.

The Web of Want is not a replacement for the Web of requirement, it is an addition. Internet companies that satisfied needs in the history of the Web are meant to be alive. In fact, they will become more entrenched and stable, just like the utilities in the factual world. (As told to Kamalika Roy Chowdhury)
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