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ServiceMax Making the life of a Field Service Technician Simple and Efficient
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Thursday, December 11, 2014
Until recently, there was no standard technology for managing the way companies of all industries empowered their field service workers to do their jobs. The vast majority of these employees relied on paper, carbon copies, and clipboards to manage their field operations. With field technicians who performed their work from service vans, basements, and remote locations, these technicians needed information and tools that they could take with them and access, wherever they went. Today, using cloud-based software on mobile devices like iPhones and tablets from ServiceMax, a provider of cloud-based field service management software, field service technicians are able to transform service into a revenue generator, rather than a cost center.
ServiceMax, based in Pleasanton, CA, is the only company that provides a complete suite of cloud and mobile applications specifically for field technicians. "Our product allows technicians to communicate with the home-base, accessing case and customer histories, warranty information, and parts manuals. With or without internet connectivity, schedules and directions to the customer site appear right on their mobile device, eliminating the need sift through paper work, or make phone calls," adds Athani Krishna prasad, co-founder and EVP of products & strategy at ServiceMax. He continues,"With ServiceMax on a mobile phone or tablet, technicians no longer have to return to the service van to reference user manuals, check for parts, or log-on to the Internet with a VPN. Technicians are now staying on-site with the customer, improving the relationship, and fixing the problem more quickly. And when they're done, they no longer have to call the home base to find out the location of their next appointment. With scheduling optimization, technicians are dispatched throughout the day, based on real time location information, proximity, skill level, and expertise, as well as arrive at the site quickly with the parts and knowledge needed to complete the job the first time."

100% of Field Service Technician Needs Addressed With Cloud-Based Solution
There are no other cloud-based solutions that address 100 percent of the needs of a field service technician. From continually optimized dispatching, to access to parts manuals and case histories, ServiceMax provides technicians with everything they need to complete a job, all in the palm of their hand, with or without internet connectivity.
ServiceMax is built natively on the Salesforce1 platform, allowing developers to leverage pre-built components from Salesforce and the AppExchange. Companies can customize ServiceMax to require technicians to collect specific information on-site, and better equip the sales team with the data they need to make additional sales and drive additional revenue. ServiceMax customers include big companies like Coca-Cola Enterprises, Pitney-Bowes, Topcon, Luminex, Tyco, and Elekta and others from solar energy, roofing, home security, appliances, internet, elevators, machinery, printing, energy management, as well as healthcare and medical devices.

Generating Revenue From Field Service
The firm is dedicated to improving the way field service technicians solve problems in the field, allowing field service to become a revenue generator, rather than a cost-center. The more quickly technicians can complete a job, the more satisfied the customer is, and the more time the engineer has to fix an additional piece of equipment or travel to another customer site.

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