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November - 2013 - issue > Top 10 Big Data companies
DEFTeam Extracting Insights from Big Data
SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
The value of data is only realized through insight. Big Data can uncover significant facts, but typical analytics projects can turn into expensive, time-consuming technology efforts in search of problems to solve. DEFTeam caters to all organizations that do not want to spend millions of dollars on extracting insights from Big Data and at the same time cannot afford to compromise on quality and performance.

DEFTeam provides subscription support, consulting and system integration services for an end-to-end custom built Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solution based upon business requirements - both in-premise and on-cloud. It utilizes open source and in-memory BI and analytical tools to architect a solution that utilizes best features of tools and tames structured and unstructured "Big Data" to provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but feature rich solution. DEFTeam architects and uses the relevant technologies to create a scalable solution based upon the size of database, expected response time and other user driven factors. It creates Plug-ins and various customizations in open source BI platforms that differentiate it from its competitors.

DEFTeam writes ETL (Extract Transform & Load) to populate Data Marts, design Data Models, Develop Reports, Dashboards, Mashboards, OLAP cubes and Adhoc Reporting/Analysis, writes custom Plug-ins to enhance platform to cater to specific requirements, create predictive models for forecasting, time series, trends analysis, convert proprietary BI solutions to open source solutions, provides single sign-on integration and embedding with other applications. DEFTeam works with open source platforms, provides 'Enterprise Subscription support' (as a reseller of various partners) and use a combination of multiple tools to provide a custom built one-stop-solution. It offers global delivery model that leverages labor arbitrage which can be tailored to achieve even 100 percent offshore/offsite delivery.
DEFTeam partners with leading open source Business Intelligence platform providers - Pentaho as a Gold Reseller and System Integration and Jaspersoft as a Global reseller and SI partner. For predictive analytics, we partner with Revolution Analytics to create predictive models in 'R'. DEFTeam partners with Actian Corporation for providing Analytical solutions around their Vectorwise/ParAccel databases platform. Finally, DEFTeam works with IBM's Pure Data and Big Insights platforms to cater to Big Data solutions. DEFTeam also partners with Amazon Web Services to provide and manage these solutions on "Cloud" and helps migrating its customers from an "in-premise" to "cloud" based managed solution.

"DEFTeam aims to be market leader in providing Open source BI as well as Big Data Analytics solutions catering to both structured and unstructured data. On the BI part of its business, it is planning to add some leading proprietary and in-memory Analytical BI Tools to its portfolio," says Gurpreet Singh, CEO, DEFTeam. The company is also planning to provide cloud/hosted E-Commerce based store front-end solutions which will be complete with Payment Gateway, CRM and inventory solution and providing BI insights and Predictive Analytics - mostly using open source technologies - all in a single integrated platform.

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