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CodeFire Technologies Zero Politics, Infinite Learning
Pankaj Kundwani
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Many companies especially startups live up to a nerd principle that if an employee is not sleeping over his desk, he is not working hard enough. Job seekers at large are tentative to work with startups that are characterized with low brand value and lack of world class infrastructure compared to some of the well established companies. Breaking this misconception, Noida based CodeFire Technologies go all-out to create a work environment which is affable, friendly yet challenging to bring out the best in their talent pool of software engineers and professionals.

Started in 2010, CodeFire Technologies is a global Offshore Software Development Company that offers cost effective technology intensive solutions & services with core expertise in open source based applications, Project/Product development, Web Applications, mobile (iOS/Android) applications and enterprise applications like CRM and ERP. The organization does not believe in picking up easy and small projects. It strives to take up exigent projects that other companies reject due to high risk involved or lack of able workforce. "We take great pride in being able to say that we love to solve complex problems and constantly learn to be able to take up more and more challenging projects. Our success rate in these projects has been around 95 percent," says Pranjal Srivastava, Founder, CodeFire Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The company has created a transparent work culture that supports zero politics where work performance and attitude are the only criteria for any employee to grow. It is believed that the DNA of any startup is based on the brains behind it. Pranjal and Co-Founder Anjali together create a right mix of work and fun in the organization. Coming from a hardcore technology background, Pranjal takes care of the core operations of the company and monitors performance of each employee personally. While Anjali with her depth of experience in training and education, brings her social skills to mix fun element in work.

Working in a service company gives a vast scope to work around different products and technologies. With learning and improvement as core principles, CodeFire looks for people who have strong desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others. While hiring, the company gives less importance to academic background, but certainly looks if the candidate has a desire and ability to improve. It ensures that a new candidate has a clean exit from his previous company and comes with a right attitude. For the first six months, there is a mentor assigned to him, guiding about company's policies, work culture and so on.

Against a hire & fire policy, CodeFire allows candidates to switch between streams of their interests so that they learn, grow and excel within the organization without going away. Pranjal gives time to time feedback and motivate employees with his vast amount of industry experience. Employees at CodeFire enjoy their career working on cutting edge technologies and get to participate in collaborative decision making with the management. For those who wish to learn and do something not easy, CodeFire is certainly one of the best places to work with.

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