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April - 2014 - issue > 50 Best Companies to Work For
BRIDGEi2i Providing an Open-Culture & Hierarchy-Less Work Milieu
Trisha Pragya
Friday, April 4, 2014
Teamwork and selflessness construct the backbone of a great team. Without them, the organization cannot realistically compete. Most high performance companies rely on successful teamwork to achieve their goals & objectives as teams allow knowledge, skills, experiences and opinions to be merged together for the profit of the business as a whole. Headquartered in Bangalore, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions is one such company that creates success by working together towards a common goal.

Founded in 2011, BRIDGEi2i transforms information into insights to deliver impact. These analytics services and technology solutions enable business managers to analyse and transform vast quantities of data into meaningful information, generate actionable insights from intricate business problems and make data driven decisions across pan-enterprise processes to create sustainable business impact. The company is currently working with 40+ employees who are constantly striving to make it as a scalable organization in the business analytics space.

BRIDGEi2i provides a platform where employees can begin from scratch as company deals with core business problems of the industries like Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Retail and Education, enabling high diversity of exposure. Thus, employees get opportunity to build analytical solutions for distinct business problems and to expose themselves to different functional areas like marketing, sales management, risk management and many more. Additionally, they get the chance to learn ceaselessly in different spaces and to expand their knowledge boundaries. "This is a school where employees from different backgrounds continuously learn different aspects of businesses by working with some of the best minds of the industry. But this school is a little different as it also pays for learning and enables employees to build a long term career in one of the fast growing companies in the industry," says Prithvijit Roy, CEO & Co-Founder, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions.

BRIDGEi2i has developed its business on various core values and every employee here exemplifies and stands for this value system. The company has a world-class team and it believes that each of the employees is responsible for creating a culture of collaboration, camaraderie and respect. This is why it promotes an open culture of clear communication and team work where employees are free to communicate with any analyst and leader, and can share their ideas regarding company's growth or business with the higher authorities. The company has developed its own gamification method in which all its employees participate with enthusiasm and creativity to drive systematic innovation at work, enhance employee engagement and imbibe thought leadership.

BRIDGEi2i values ownership in work and measures impact generated, not hours spent. Policies such as flexible working hours and regular fun at work events help employees recharge themselves and balance their work & life. In addition to this, company also provides industry standard compensation, performance linked bonus and awards for extraordinary demonstration of values and performance. Decisions regarding bonus, compensation, career development, promotion and rewards depend on the feedback provided by the clients, peers, mentors and managers with whom they have worked. BRIDGEi2i appreciates and rewards employees who demonstrate performance towards the growth and success of the organization and its clients.

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